BTX Curtain Motors for Home, Hospitality and Office

Btx Curtain Motors

The Professional Touch

It’s the day of the big announcement at your company. Everyone is assembled in the presentation room, and instead of your assistant pulling on the drape cord to part the curtains jerkily on the screen behind you, you instead press a button on the remote hidden on the podium. The curtains slide open silently with the new motors you had installed.

All eyes are on your smooth presentation. You’ve just elevated your game.

Designed with Your Needs in Mind

QSD carries the BTX curtain motors line which deliver professional theatrical performance for spaces where full-size theatrical equipment isn’t needed. Compact, quiet and styled modernly, they’re integrated with the track, hidden behind the curtains themselves. They’re easily added to your existing space or your architect can spec them for new builds.

Remotes allows you to open and close your curtains without getting up, and the latest models integrate with home automation, responding to pre-set schedules or ambient light levels like the rising and setting of the Sun, creating a harmonious, elegant and effortless living experience.

BTX curtain motors are self contained with no exposed moving parts, providing an unobtrusive presentation, easy surface cleaning, and no chance of your curtains becoming jammed in the gearing.

BTX Classic Tomo Aura Curtain Motors

BTX curtain motors have a solution to fit your space’s requirements with Classic, Tumo and Aura models

They’re economical, versatile and provide years of performance for a variety of installations:

  • Home theatres
  • Feature windows
  • Glass walls
  • Hotel suites
  • Hospitality dining rooms, comedy clubs and casinos
  • Dinner theatres and other small stages
  • Portable stages
  • Office presentation and training rooms
  • Museums and exhibits
  • Community centres
  • Show rooms
  • Trade booth displays

Complete the Movie Theatre Experience

With QSD’s decades of experience outfitting theatres with the finest-quality stage curtains, we can help you create your own Odeon or Bijou in your home. We sew our own custom stage curtains in a number of luxurious and flame-retardant fabrics.

And behind those curtains, any of a number of projection screens from Draper ensures a bright, clear presentation for many years to come. Sit back, relax, hit Play on your remote and entertain your friends and family with a great film tonight.