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QSD Curtains has been a trusted and reliable source for industrial curtains and drapery for over 30 years. Starting with stage curtains and growing to offer so much more, QSD Curtains now proudly provides industrial curtains, cubicle curtains, gym equipment, and even event services to meet the needs of every client. 

Operating since the early 1980s, QSD Curtains continues to gain unique first-hand knowledge and expertise in the commercial curtain industry. Now, as Canada’s premier choice for purchasing and maintaining industrial curtains, stage curtains, netting, and more, QSD Curtains offers the best in curtains and drapery. Contact us for a quote today.

From Stage Drapes to Industrial Curtain Walls and Beyond

Stage Curtains

QSD Curtains manufactures, supplies, and maintains premium-quality stage drapery for every venue. From the maintenance and rejuvenation of older theatres to the premium enhancement of new venues, QSD provides perfect stage drapery for every occasion.

QSD Curtains has executed projects such as the Vancouver Convention Center, and as the leading professional enterprise in commercial curtains, is proud to provide exceptional products and services across Canada. Doing custom stage drapes since 1987, trust QSD to get the job done right.

Industrial Curtains

QSD Curtains understands industrial settings’ safety and durability requirements as an expert manufacturer of industrial curtains and industrial curtain walls. Manufacturing and installing reinforced heading, corners, hems, and brass or stainless steel grommets for over 25 years, QSD Curtains are experienced in the fulfillment of durable, heavy-duty curtains for any shop or work site.

Learn more about our life-saving products and services, such as welding curtains, blankets, machine booths, and PVC, stip, and wash bay curtains.

Cubicle Curtains

QSD Curtains has changed the cubicle game with a wide variety of curtains and products to suit any office space. Create the privacy you need with in-stock curtains for quick shipping availability.

QSD Curtains also custom designs cubicle curtains in a wide variety of fabrics with plenty of pattern and colour options. QSD Curtains has cubicle curtains for every industry, from healthcare and retail to office spaces and even cabanas curtains.

Gym Equipment

QSD Curtains proudly provides Draper Athletic Equipment to gyms and institutions across Canada as an authorized dealer of one of North America’s leading gym equipment manufacturers. Installing and servicing high-performance basketball backboard systems, indoor volleyball nets, gym mats, benches, and other exceptional lines of gym equipment. 

QSD Curtains works with schools and educational institutions, public parks and recreational centers, auditoriums, hotels, office buildings, and more. Offering the best in products and maintenance services is what we do: learn more today.

Pipe & Drape Systems

Get creative and find the perfect setup for your needs with our custom pipe and drape systems. With quick and easy assembly and disassembly, create the ideal pipe and drape system for any event or project.

QSD Curtains has an incredible amount of variety when it comes to the types and sizes of our adjustable, elaborate, and efficient pipe and draping systems. Straightforward storage and transport options make transforming your space a breeze.

Event Services

Beyond our versatile piping and draping systems, QSD Curtains also provides event services and rentals beyond the ordinary! Transform an empty hall or space into a stunning event space that looks nothing short of spectacular.

For setup and takedown that goes without a hitch and the highest standard of customer care, trust the experts at QSD Curtains Contact us today to learn more about our backdrops, ceiling swags, custom fabric printing, tent rentals, and even production lighting expertise. 

Service & Maintenance

QSD Curtains is so much more than a manufacturer and supplier. Our service and expertise mark elevated standards of customer care, from administration and transport to maintenance and servicing. Regular service ensures that your industrial curtains will last, and we also offer sales and repair services.


Did you know QSD also offers maintenance for overhead doors? Learn more about our maintenance services here


QSD Curtains has decades of experience in the industrial curtain industry, which means that our service plans are expertly designed to meet any client’s needs. Contact us today to find out how QSD Curtains can help.

Cubicle Curtain Product

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We Manufacture, Supply, and Service Industrial Curtains

For gymnasiums, industrial shops, offices, healthcare centers, stadiums, theatres, and even events, QSD Inc. is the source of curtains and drapery beyond the ordinary. Operating across Canada with the best supply chain for manufacturing, sales, maintenance, and rentals of specialized equipment for decades, QSD Inc. is your partner for various drapery and equipment needs.

Whatever types of curtains and drapery you require, whether heavy-duty industrial curtain walls or beautifully complex stage drapery, QSD Inc. provides the best in business. If you have a project that needs to be executed with the highest degree of quality and distinction, contact QSD Inc.

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