PVC Curtains

Protect Your Infrastructure and Workers with Our Heavy-Duty PVC Curtains

Control your work areas efficiently and affordably with QSD’s PVC curtains. Used to cordon off different areas of your workspace to control employee/customer traffic, temperature flow, noise pollution and dust and particle contamination.

A temporary barrier between two different rooms helps moderate temperatures by keeping warm air out and cold air in or vice versa. It’s a simple solution to increasing your energy savings. Movable curtains effectively keep noise, dirt and fumes from escaping one area and travelling into the next, such as separating employee work space from the customer retail area.

QSD custom manufactures PVC curtains for any size and any space required. All of our PVC curtains meet national fire resistant requirements. They’re simple to install and easy to use. You can find QSD PVC curtains in use for many different applications.

  • Grocery Stores
  • Restaurants
  • Manufacturing Plants
  • Cold Storage
  • Assembly Lines
  • Warehousing


Providing You Premium Quality PVC Curtains and Customer Support

QSD has been an industry leading industrial curtain and screen manufacturer since 1987. We consistently apply our accumulated knowledge to innovating new designs and improving efficiency. Whether you choose QSD to install your curtains or if you choose to install them yourself, you can rest assured that you have our continued customer support.

Our entire team is dedicated to providing you unprecedented customer experience. If you have any questions or concerns at any time, click on that Contact Us button on the left. We have the answers and solutions to help you make our products perfect for your application and usage long after they are delivered and installed.