Gym Climbing Equipment

Strength Builders: Gym Climbing Equipment

Ropes, arm ladders and chinning bars are great for building upper body strength in young bodies. QSD carries Draper gym climbing equipment products because they’re safe and they’re made to do the job year after year.

  • Climbing Ladder

    Deluxe Arm Strengthening Bar

    This Deluxe Arm Strengthening Bar is made of 1-1/4″ heavy gauge steel tubing. It is powder coated for durability. Seven rungs are in 7″ increments for endurance training. Overall measurements are 63″ tall and 21″ wide.

  • Wall Mounted Horizontal Ladder

    Wall Mounted Horizontal Ladder

    Side rails are 12′ long and 1-1/2″ x 4″ x .083″ wall rectangle tubing with capped ends. Side rails are electrostatically painted. Twelve hardwood rungs are 1-3/8″ dia. solid maple and are secured to the side rails to prevent turning. Support frames of 1-5/8″ dia. heavy wall tubing will position the inside of the ladder 2′-6′ from the wall. Assembly hardware and mounting instructions included.

  • Wall Mount Chinning Bar

    Stationary Chinning Bars

    These one (40″), two (82″) or three-section (124″) chinning bars feature the same quality construction as our deluxe adjustable wall chinning bar, but are designed to mount directly to a wall.

  • Adjustable Wall Mount Chinning Bar

    Deluxe Adjustable Wall Chinning Bar

    The finest bar available! Wall mounting brackets and bar are constructed of galvanized steel. Bar finished with black powder coat and adjusts easily in bracket at 6″ increments. Ready to mount. 32″ in length.

  • Stall Bar

    Stall Bar with Extended Top Rail

    Mount single stall bar sections separately or in a continuous row. Each section is 2’10” wide and 8′ high with eleven rungs of 1-1/2″ diameter solid oak. Rungs are finished with a clear lacquer and secured to the uprights to prevent turning. Each section weighs 75 lbs. Assembly hardware and mounting instructions included. To meet the requirements for specific wall construction, installer provides hardware for mounting wood pads to wall.

  • Climbing Ropes

    Climbing Ropes

    Draper offers climbing ropes in three different materials and a variety of ends, optional knots, rubber balls and accessories to improve muscle tone in the upper arms and shoulders. Standard lengths of rope are 18′.

    • EZ Manila is 1-1/2″ manila rope twisted from 3 strands of Grade A manila
    • EZ Rope looks and feels like natural rope fiber but is a synthetic “unmanila” fiber, even at 1-1/2″ it is two-thirds the weight and is superior in strength to natural rope
    • EZ Poly is 1-1/2″ polypro core covered with a soft, durable cotton-like polyester
  • Climbing Rope Ends

    Climbing Rope Ends

    Whipped, Polyboot or Leather Seat on Turk Knot