Pipe and Drape

Pipe and Drape from QSD

Transform Your Space Easily and Affordably with a Pipe and Drape System

QSD’s pipe and drape system is the versatile and effective solution for creating elegant event décor and backdrops. It consists of pipes supported by steel bases that hold drape panels, which can be customized to suit your needs. The versatile combination of styles and colours can change the look and feel of your area and create a different atmosphere.

The beauty of adjustable pipe and drape backdrops is that they are easy to assemble, disassemble, store, and transport. It is also an affordable way to divide, hide or decorate a space. When you work with QSD for your pipe and drape rentals, we provide you a complete package that is perfect for your unique application.

QSD is a full-service theatrical drapery firm that designs, manufactures and installs theater curtains, stage tracks, gym dividers, hospital curtains, cubicle curtains, industrial curtains, wash bay curtains and welding screens.

We have been a trusted leader in pipe & drape for sale or rent since 1987. We consult with you to learn your needs and the layout of the area where you require pipe and drape systems. We find you a solution that works within your budget!

The Many Uses of a Pipe and Drape System

Due to their simplistic setup consisting of a steel base, aluminum pipes, and fabric, many people only think of using pipe and drapes for weddings, trade shows, events, and concerts. However, they have many more uses. These include:

  • Backdrop for reception or head tables
  • Ceremonies and performances
  • Construction concealment
  • Interior event design and decoration
  • Media interview rooms
  • Photo shoot backdrops
  • Private dressing or changing areas
  • Shopping mall kiosks
  • Convention trade show booth displays
  • And More

Customize Your QSD Pipe and Drape to Your Needs

Whether you are looking for pipe and drapes for trade shows, events or concerts, QSD has the products to best suit your needs.

Customize your set-up to suit your event, space and decorating needs. Our pipe and drape manufacturers can create whatever you need to your exact specifications. We’ve been creating pipe and drape kits for Canada and USA companies since 1987.

Choose from our adjustable uprights or standard uprights to suit your height specifications and telescopic drape support (crossbar) to set your display and to hang your drape.

We offer durable base plates that are made with zinc plated aluminum for rust protection. Our base plates come in a variety of sizes and is available as a slip fit or screw-in base.

We carry a variety of fabrics, drapes, and skirts that cater to your trade show, event and space’s needs.

Our trade show accessories help with the display and function of the pipe and drapes.

Why QSD?

Innovation, experience, and quality set us apart. Since 1987, QSD has introduced industry advances in drapery design, production, and installation. Our processes have since become industry standards.

QSD is trusted by companies large and small throughout North America. We have completed jobs such as the new Vancouver Convention Center for the Olympics, as well as projects in theatres, schools, community halls, churches, colleges and universities across the country.

We work closely with architects and engineers to establish guidelines and specifications for all our products to ensure that quality products are always used. We will help you in creating a design, selecting the proper fabrics and materials, and ensure that your installation is done properly.

Our large purchasing power ensures you that will receive high-quality products at great prices. Our project support team will ensure that you will have the right products that fit your project’s budget and needs

Our employees work hard as a team to handle all your project needs from start to finish. It is our goal at QSD to provide exceptional customer service, design, and quality products to make your project stand out from the rest!