Basketball Equipment

Basketball Equipment

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QSD carries Draper basketball backboards, the leading producer of premier basketball backboard systems and equipment. North American gymnasiums and auditoriums trust QSD for our high performance basketball equipment.

Whether you are looking to replace an existing basketball rim and backboard or are overseeing new construction, we can help you choose the best system for your needs.

Improperly manufactured basketball backstops and basketball equipment can be costly and dangerous. Schools and athletic centres cannot afford to be routinely replacing basketball backboards and rims. You need gym equipment that can withstand constant use over time.

It is also imperative that you work with a company that not only installs basketball backboard systems, but also knows how to properly maintain them. Proper maintenance is important because it will ensure that your equipment not only lasts longer, but it also allows you to notice problems before they get out of hand.


All of our basketball backboards and rims are precision manufactured from glass, fiberglass, or aluminum. Strong materials make them able to withstand excessive wear and tear.


Folding Basketball Backboards

We offer six different options for folding basketball hoops. This type of a basketball backboard is perfect for multi-use gymnasiums and athletic centres. While each model is designed to work with differing ceiling heights, and can either fold forward or backward.

The bonus of opting for a folding basketball backstops that your gym can be utilized for other sports by folding the backstop up. This is helpful for gymnasiums who have several courts in one space and wish to suspend a basketball backstop from the ceiling rather than a wall.

Outdoor Basketball Backboards

The requirements for installing outdoor basketball hoops are very different than indoor versions.

  • Titan Adjustable – With a crank style adjustment system virtually anyone or any size or age can easily adjust the goal to any height between 10″ and 6’6″. The post is attached to concrete footing which allows for perfect pole leveling and easy removal.
  • Gooseneck – This is our most popular style. With three sizes and four extensions ensure we meet any need and field condition. Goals bolt directly through the backboard to the post to eliminate stress on the backboard (even if the player hangs on the backboard)! We also offer portable basketball hoops.
  • Straight Style – With three sizes and extensions this model can meet any need or field condition. The goal height can be from 0’–10′ and the goal bolts directly through the backboard to eliminate any stress on the basketball backboard.

Backboard Options

We offer four options when you’re ready to shop basketball backboards. Each has been constructed with a different purpose in mind and is built to last.

  • Strut Bank – Fully tempered 1/2″ glass with official white target and border permanently fired into glass. Additional vertical strut to relieve stress on glass during slam dunks. The goal is bolted to a plate welded to the bottom of the strut for maximum strength. This model is used for backstop structures with four corner backboard mounting.
  • Conversion Basketball Backboard – This model is designed to replace fun shaped backboards. Also features fully tempered 1/2″ glass with official white target and border permanently fired into glass with all of the required conversion framework attached to the backboard.
  • Rectangular Fiberglass – The model features a white backboard and is fabricated with double 3/16” shell over a resin-treated honeycomb core. An orange boarder and target are applied with a high gloss gel-coat finish. This unit is for indoor use only.
  • Rectangular Glass – Fully tempered 1/2″ glass with official white target and border permanently fired into glass. Frame constructed out extruded brushed aluminum. This model should only be used for backstop structures with Goal Brace direct goal attachments.

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Basketball Hoops & Rims

With four goal/hoop options to choose from, we can fulfill all of your basketball rim requirements.

  • Breakaway Goal – This goal provides consistent breakaway pressure even during the most aggressive slam dunk action.
  • Stationary Basketball Goal – This is an official competition goal. Meets NCAA and NFHS specification. It will fit most front mount backboards made of glass, fiberglass and wood.
  • Breakaway Basketball Goal – Official breakaway goal will withstand shock loads sue to a player slam dunking and/or hanging on the rim. This model is for indoor use only and meets all NCAA and NFHS specifications.
  • Double Rim Playground Basketball Goal – This option has a chain net with “S” hooks. The playground goal has a dual rim made out steel rods for optimum durability.

Basketball Backboard Maintenance

QSD provides high quality basketball backstop maintenance. We specialize in motorized basketball backstops and also sell and install safety straps and motors into the back of basketball backboards.

Regular use of gym equipment will cause wear and tear over time. If left unaddressed, your equipment could sustain damage or operational failure. We don’t want your basketball backboard systems to inadvertently become a hazard.

We physically inspect all of your mechanical gym equipment to ensure it is safe for players and spectators. Once our inspections are complete, we provide you and our maintenance department with a detailed inspection report regarding the condition of your equipment.

Routine inspection and maintenance ensures that your equipment lasts longer and safety is increased.

Customer Service You Can Count On

QSD is a leader in premium gymnasium equipment. Our Canadian manufactured equipment is the top choice for North American gymnasiums and auditoriums.

Everyone of QSD’s valued employees work had as a team to handle all of your project needs from start to finish. It is our goal to provide exceptional customer service, design, and quality prodicts to make your project stand out from the rest.