Pipe and Drape Room Kit for CV-19 Disaster Relief Response – Room Dividers

Adjustable Pipe and Drape Rooms for Emergency Services.


Used to create temporary structures: pop-up hospitals, screening rooms, room dividers, temporary rooms, and social distancing. Three sizes in one, 6ft x 6ft, 8ft x 8ft or 10ft x 10ft. Pick from Inherently Flame Resistant Fabrics including Banjo, Poly Premier, or Poly Stretch™

room divider curtains
room divider curtains
  • Temporary Hospital Rooms
  • Pop Up Shelters
  • Emergency Structures
room divider curtains
  • Easy and Fast, one-person assembly
  • No tools required


Kit Includes

  • Qty. (4) Fixed Height 8ft Upright or 10ft Uprights (Medical Regulation Height)
  • Qty. (4) Bases
  • Qty. (4) 6ft-10ft Adjustable Drape Supports
  • Qty. Panels of Drape Banjo (Qty. 4/side), Poly Premier (Qty. 3/side), or Poly Stretch™ (Qty. 3/side)