Curtain Comparison Chart

industrial curtains

Compare the difference between the three leading alternatives to hospital privacy curtains, Polyester, Disposable, and our exclusive Treated Hybrid.  HAI’s have been a long standing obstacle to our Infection Prevention Control teams and Environmental Services, with the pandemic environmental cleaning standards has been challenged even further.  Costs associated with these challenges strains the budget, the following chart breaks down these costs and shows, laundering curtains may become a thing of the past.



Hospital Cost Saving Comparison Chart
Two Year Cycle

Quantity of Curtains   Curtain Type (h x w)  

(i) the mean average cost of the Privacy curtains
(ii) by day 14, 87.5% of laundered curtains tested positive for MRSA Learn More
(iii) For simplicity, this audit calculates washing every 3 months

Clean Microbial Guidelines

“We know that privacy curtains pose a high risk for cross-contamination because they are frequently touched but infrequently changed,” says Kevin Shek, BSc, the study’s lead author. “The high rate of contamination that we saw by the 14th day may represent an opportune time to intervene, either by cleaning or replacing the curtains.”
By day 21, almost all curtains exceeded 2.5 CFU/cm3.  (iv)

endurocide curtains

The coronavirus Covid 19 has upped the ante for our healthcare facilities via droplet transfer and the potential for airborne transmission, straining the IPC staff and Environmental services alike. A recent study in 2020 discovered that HAI’s posed a lower risk, this curious anomaly is hypothesized to be a direct result of increased cleaning cycles and more thorough cleaning regimes.(v) This follows then that post pandemic cleaning measures maintain enhanced hygienic measures. Endurocide Antimicrobial disposable privacy curtains, and our antimicrobial sporicidal virucidal privacy curtains provide a hygienic and cost effective option highlighted in an article published by the American Journal of Infection Control.(vi) We invite you to try them for yourselves, and see the difference they can make for your facility.