Track, Hardware & Motors

Track Hardware 300 Series

Light weight track for Wash Bay curtains and Industrial Curtains. Sold with 90° radius.

Track Hardware 400 Series

Light weight track for back drop curtains. Can be curved.

Track Hardware 500 Series

Enclosed Heavy Duty Straight Galvanized track cannot be curved (available in black)

Track Hardware600 Series

I-beam track or cord operated heavy duty auditorium track can be curved or reversed curved. Cord operation. (available in black)

Track Hardware 700 Series

Standard Duty Straight Galvanized cannot be curved (available in black)

Track Hardware 800 Series

Medium Duty I-beam track or cord operated auditorium track can be curved (available in black)

Track Hardware 900 Series

Standard Duty I-beam track or cord operated auditorium track can be curved (available in black)

Track Hardware 2000 Series

Light weight Cubicle track for hospital and privacy curtains. Factory bends are custom. (available in white)

track and hardware for stage curtains

Track, Hardware & Motors for Stage Curtains

There are many types of track, hardware & motors to choose from. QSD can determine the right track for your project. Some of the factors to consider to ensure the track selected will perform properly for each application are:

  • What type of fabric will be on the track? The weight determines if you require a heavy duty or light duty track.
  • Does the track need to be curved or straight? Curved track need to be bent , so aluminum track usually used. Some steel tracks can be bent depending on the application. Considerations need to be made if the track is curved in one or two directions.
  • The type of structure above whether it is ceiling mounted or suspended will determine the track and hardware required.
  • Track selection also depends if it requires that the curtain be motorized, cord operated or walk drawn?

The curtain solution you need begins with quality curtain hardware

No matter what curtain track and hardware you need, the right choice begins with quality. From curtain hooks to curtain brackets and everything in between, QSD offers curtain hardware that is both durable and reliable. At QSD we are proud to call ourselves curtain experts. We can advise you with everything from choosing the right nuts and bolts to installing the finished product. Whether you are looking for an entirely new curtains system or need to give your existing curtain tracks and systems some tender love and care, we have the solution for you.

QSD can help you choose the optimal curtain rail system!

Your curtain hardware needs will vary depending on what type of curtain you need. Our experts are experienced with all types of curtains, and can provide you with the technical knowledge to make your curtain project easy and successful!

Your ceiling type and whether your curtains will be suspended or ceiling mounted will help determine what kind of hardware is required. Fabric weight indicates if you require a heavy duty or light duty track. Even the shape matters. For example, an aluminum curtain track is usually used if you need a curved track.

At QSD we will determine your needs and recommend the right products for your space! If you need a ceiling mounted curtain track system or just curtain rod and hardware, don’t hesitate to call us today.

Trust the curtain experts

For over thirty years, QSD has been supplying tracks and curtains to the theatrical, industrial and commercial world. We even branched out into manufacturing and installing gym equipment, hospital cubicle curtains, stage curtains, industrial tents, fire safety curtains, and more. Time has proven that you can count on us for quality, dependable products, and fantastic service. Our knowledgeable and friendly experts are ready to help you with your track selection.