Freezer Strip Curtains

Freezer Strip Curtains

Plastic Freezer Strip Curtains for Industrial and Commercial Use

Plastic freezer strip curtains are made from clear or tinted flexible PVC plastic. They are easy to install, maintain and replace (if necessary).

Each freezer curtain system we install keeps your walk-in-freezer running smoothly and protects it from external variables such as dust, fumes and noise from getting in.

You can find our freezer strip curtains in restaurants, grocery stores and food processing plants throughout the country.

Our range of plastic strip curtains make the perfect insulated barrier for industrial and commercial freezers and refrigerators as they are designed to reduce drafts, keep temperatures stable and lower energy loss.

QSD has been an industry-leading PVC plastic curtain manufacturer since 1987. Whether you choose QSD to install your plastic freezer strip curtains or choose to install them yourself, you’ll be backed up by our continued customer support!

What Freezer Curtains are Used For

Plastic freezer curtains are used in freezers and coolers in industries ranging from manufacturing to agriculture to separate a cold area from room temperature or outside area.

They are used in situations where the area temperature needs to be controlled.

You can find our PVC plastic strip curtains in use for many different applications such as:

  • Grocery Stores
  • Restaurants
  • Manufacturing Plants
  • Cold Storage
  • Assembly Lines
  • Warehousing

In addition to larger walk-in freezer curtains, we offer smaller options for commercial businesses such as grocery stores. These rely on Velcro® strips to create an insulated barrier and are installed in a similar manner to their larger counterparts.

Benefits of Plastic Freezer Curtains

Freezer curtains provide many benefits to business of all types and industries. Below are some benefits of using plastic freezer curtains:

  • Convenient: plastic freezer curtains offer the benefits of a door with the convenience of not having to open and close one.
  • Efficient: plastic freezer curtains improve traffic flow of workers or materials by eliminating the need of opening and closing of doors.
  • Easy to clean: they are easy to clean and to keep sanitary.
  • Temperature control: plastic freezer curtains trap cold air in and stop warm air from entering.
  • Improves worker comfort: protect workers from noise, wind and dirt by creating a barrier.
  • Separates environments: freezer curtains separate the cold freezer environment from the room temperature environment.
  • Easy to install and take down: simply slip over hooks of a metal track and replace any strips if needed.
  • Strong and flexible: freezer curtains are made from sturdy PVC that is also flexible, so they can bend and fold with ease.
  • Prevents pests: durable and heavy PVC plastic prevents pests from getting through.
  • Save energy and money: plastic freezer curtains keep cold air inside the freezer.

Save Energy and Money with Freezer Strip Curtains

Freezer curtains are a simple solution to increasing your energy savings by reducing heater water, decreasing filter maintenance and lessening coil icing. This decreases energy costs and helps reduce business operating costs as well.

Plastic strip freezer curtains help trap cool air from leaving the building or room and regulate the temperature with easy in-and-out access for people moving between different environments.

When installed side-by-side, the plastic curtain forms a flexible door that maintains the room temperature and allows for movement to and from the refrigerated area.

If you are looking to save money and increase energy savings, our staff at QSD will help you manufacture and install the perfect plastic freezer strip curtain for your needs.

Selecting the Right Freezer Curtain for Your Needs

You need to select the right freezer strip curtain for your needs to ensure that it will perform optimally. Knowing where and how you will be using your freezer curtain will help determine how to choose the right curtain for you.

Here are some things to consider when selecting the right freezer curtain:

  • Overall size of plastic freezer strip curtain: strip curtains should just touch the floor and extend horizontally beyond the opening 2–3 inches
  • What kind of traffic your freezer curtain will face: heavy traffic areas need freezer curtains that are heavy duty compared to lower traffic areas
  • Consider the width of the strip: thinner strips are recommended for points that are primarily used by workers because wider strips might make it difficult or uncomfortable for a person to continually pass through. Thicker strips are recommended if equipment or machinery will be passing through.

QSD Plastic Freezer Curtains are Made from Quality Materials

Our strip plastic curtains are made up of overlapping strips of clear or tinted flexible PVC plastic.

They are made from heavy-duty PVC plastic that acts as a great insulator to keep warm air outside so it doesn’t affect the colder areas.

All our PVC curtains meet national fire-resistant requirements.

QSD custom manufactures plastic freezer curtains for any size and any space required. Our freezer curtains are simple to install and easy to use.

QSD’s Customer Service Goes Above and Beyond

Since 1987, we’ve focused on supplying tracks and curtains to the theatrical, industrial and commercial world. With these years of experience comes a team of reliable manufacturers and installers.

Our entire team is dedicated to providing you unprecedented customer experience.

Before we even start a project, we’ll walk you through the available options to ensure that we’ll be supplying the right curtain for your business.

After supplying your plastic freezer strip curtains, our team is available to install and answer any questions you might have.