Indoor Gymnasium Equipment

Safety, Durability, Performance: Indoor Gym Equipment

QSD carries Draper athletic products – the first manufacturer to receive GREENGUARD Children and Schools™ Certification for indoor gym equipment. This means that our certified products meet the strictest off-gassing standards and contribute to a safer and healthier indoor environment for school-age children.

  • Gym Wall Pads Red

    EcoVision™ Wall Pads

    The EcoVision™ line of wall pads includes the features of Draper’s standard wall pads, in addition to GREENGUARD Children and Schools™ certification. Provides heavy-duty protection for indoor impact areas. Ideal for basketball courts, gymnastics areas, wrestling rooms, rehabilitation centres, any surface area where padding is needed. Draper EcoVision pads consist of 7/16″ urea-formaldehyde free oriented strand board backer and 2″ thick flexible urethane cushioning material bonded together then fully wrapped with flexible PVC and scrim laminate that features a leather grain emboss. Coverings come in a variety of colors. Draper will custom make pads in any shape or size, including those for columns, beams, doors and stage fronts. All pads are manufactured in one-piece construction. Flame retardant available.

  • Gym Wall Pads Blue

    Standard Wall Pads

    Draper manufactures high quality gym wall padding to provide heavy-duty protection for indoor impact areas.Ideal for basketball courts, gymnastics areas, wrestling rooms, rehabilitation centers, any surface area where padding is needed. Draper standard pads bond a 2″ thick, 3.5 lb density, polyurethane foam to a 7/16″ thick waferboard and then fully wraps the unit. We use a vinyl-coated polyester covering, enhanced by a leather-like emboss pattern. Coverings come in a variety of colors. Flame retardant available.

  • Gym Practice Cage

    Multi-Sport Practice Cages

    Draper has a solution to year-around practice: move indoors with our practice cage. Our cage has a simple design but various uses: step inside and practice swinging at baseballs, softballs, golf balls, tennis balls; practice kicking footballs and soccer balls – many activities can move indoors. Practical in application and design, the unit is motor operated. A turn of the key will raise or lower the cage suspended from a rotating drive pipe. Four sides and the top of the cage are fitted with white knotless nylon mesh golf netting (opening is 3/4″ square). Two corners of the cage are sewn together, and two are secured using zippers, allowing one long sidewall to be raised if activity necessitates. Standard cage size is 10′ high x 12′ wide x 70′ long. Custom sizes.

  • Floor Hockey Goal

    Floor Hockey Goal

    Draper’s Floor Hockey Goal is 4′ h x 6′ w x 22″ d and is constructed of 1-1/2″ OD galvanized tube frame with galvanized steel fittings. Floor hockey goal includes 3/4″ white nylon net and non-marking floor pads. Net has 14 oz vinyl sleeves to fit tubing frame and eliminate need for lacing. Goal can be used for indoor or outdoor play. Sold in pairs.

  • Gym Clock Guard

    Clock Guards

    Draper Clock Guards prevent shattered glass in an activity area by shielding the clock from flying sports equipment. Draper makes a heavy duty steel frame that fits over most standard size gym clocks. Constructed of 1/4″ diameter, 16-gauge steel rods welded to a steel frame. All components are powder coat treated in a glossy black finish for years of indestructible protection for your clock. The frame mounts securely to the wall. The guard’s inside dimensions are 20″ x 20″ square. The clearance between the wall and the front of the frame measures 4″. A 1″ space lets the clock cord pass under the frame. For quick and easy access to the clock, the clock protector is double hinged on one side, with a wingnut fastener assembly on the other. No tools are needed to open or close the guard.