Industrial Strip Curtains

Industrial Strip Curtains

Cut Energy Costs and Increase Productivity with Industrial PVC Strip Curtains

Industrial strip curtains from QSD help you regulate the temperature and debris in your workspace. Protect your products, employees, and customers by creating easy but protected passage in high traffic areas of your warehouse. Industrial plastic door curtains serve an important function for many industries as they reduce drafts, fumes, and energy loss. You can create a safe and productive work environment with the use of industrial plastic curtains! QSD designs, manufactures, and installs industrial strip curtains for a variety of industrial applications. The experts at QSD have over 20 years’ experience and are proud to offer you superior plastic industrial curtain solutions.

The Uses and Benefits of PVC Strip Curtains Are Endless

If you have large exterior or freezer doors that need to be open frequently, heavy foot traffic, or fluctuating temperatures in your shop, then you may need industrial strip curtains. Industrial strip curtains are made of transparent strips and are extremely flexible. They are usually installed on door openings and are designed either to regulate temperature by preserving warm air inside or cold air outside. Reduce noise, prevent energy loss, and regulate the flow of dust and debris from one area to another by installing industrial curtain walls. They allow you to create a safe and enjoyable environment for your employees and can be customized for your needs. QSD has designed and installed industrial plastic door strips for a variety of different industrial environments. Industrial plastic door strips can be used in:

  • Workshops
  • Manufacturing plants
  • Restaurant freezer or refrigerator
  • Food processing areas
  • Health care facilities
  • Grocery stores
  • Industrial plants
  • Warehouses
  • And more!

Industrial strip curtains will benefit everyone who comes in contact with your workspace! It’s an easy and affordable solution to make your warehouse or facility more efficient and productive. The experts at QSD will guide you through the process and help you determine which industrial PVC strip curtains are right for your business.


  • Accordion Strip Curtains

    Accordion Strip Curtains

    Ideal for limited space as these retract and condense into 10–15% of space. These can be face mounted, header mounted or mounted onto a projection bracket assembly.

  • Easy Loop System

    Easy Loop System

    The tongue and groove construction lets each individual strip lock over mounting bar with a simple twist of the wrist. No Special tools are required.

  • Modular Strip Curtain Frame

    Modular Strip Curtain Frames

    Ideal for creating an enclosure/curtain wall.

  • Sectional Hinged Trolley Hardware

    Sectional Hinged Trolley Hardware

    Ideal when strips need to slide around a radius (90° bends).

  • Sliding Bi-Passing Bi-Parting Systems

    Sliding Bi-Passing Bi-Parting Systems

    Ball bearing wheel trolleys allow for sliding strip curtains. Bi-passing systems allow one panel to slide in front of the other with a double track connector effortlessly.

  • Stand-Off Mount System

    Stand-Off Mount System

    Allows a strip door to be installed around an overhead door. Available in three stand-off depths: 12″, 18″ and 24″.

  • Quick-Snap Bullet Strip Curtain Hardware

    Quick-Snap Bullet Strip Curtain Hardware

    Simply snap strips into position – ideal for medium traffic. Less tools are required therefore it makes installation faster. Common for doors up to 10′ high in food service applications.

  • Universal Strip Curtain Hardware

    Universal Strip Curtain Hardware

    This is the strongest system available. The Industrial HD system in the strongest way to secure strips and thus very common in high traffic applications with machine and/or vehicle traffic (Fork Lifts, Tow Motors, Trucks, etc.)

  • Velcro Curtains

    Velcro Curtains

    Easy to apply and a simple solution to seal your open reach in cooler.