Gymnasium Equipment

Gym Equipment

It’s Time for You To Shine With Our Premium Gym Equipment

North American gymnasiums and auditoriums trust QSD for all of their premier gym equipment.

Gym Equipment For Sale

We are proud authorized dealers of athletic equipment by Draper. We provide gym equipment for basketball, volleyball, tennis and more. Draper is known for high-quality public and physical education equipment. You will find perfect solutions for different types of venues.

  • Schools and educational institutions
  • Public parks and recreational centers
  • Multi-use auditoriums
  • Office buildings
  • Hotels

Basketball Backboards and Goals

QSD installs high-performance basketball backboard systems. They are precision manufactured from glass, fibreglass, or aluminum. Strong materials make them able to withstand excessive wear and tear.

Maximize player safety. We can install additional padding to any of your indoor gymnasium equipment, including basketball hoops, folding back stops and backboards.

Indoor Volleyball Nets

Our indoor volleyball nets for sale are built for simplicity, reliability, safety, and versatility. They are engineered from aluminum to provide a lifetime of hard use. Our volleyball net systems are ideal for any recreational area. They are easy to adjust for height. You will find them easy to assemble, dismantle and store.

Gym Mats & Wall Pads

Increase player protection. QSD supplies a wide range of gym mats and wall pads.