Basketball Backboards

Indoor, Outdoor, Glass, Fiberglass: Basketball Backboards

Draper basketball backboards are engineered for a wide variety of applications. Long-lasting, good looking, they’ll complement the fast-paced action with your superior basketball court.

  • Basketball Backboard A0127

    A0127 EZ Strut Bank 72″ x 42″ Basketball Backboard

    The vertical strut relieves stress on glass during slam dunks. Goal is bolted to a plate welded to bottom of strut for maximum strength. Used only for backstop structures with four-corner backboard mounting. Designed to replace fan shaped basketball backboards. All required conversion framework attached to backboard. Incorporates a horizontal member which bolts to goal for maximum strength.

  • Basketball Backboard A0132

    A0132 Rectangular Glass Conversion Basketball Backboard

  • Basketball Backboard A0134

    A0134 Rectangular Fiberglass 72″ x 42″ or 48″ Basketball Backboard

    White backboard is fabricated with double 3/16″ shell over resin-treated honeycomb core. Orange border and target are applied with a high gloss gel-coat. Steel attachment T-nuts and goal attachment holes are through solid plastic blocks encased between the shells. Indoor or outdoor use.

  • Basketball Backboard A0136

    Titan Adjustable Post Set

    A0136 Rectangular Glass 72″ x 42″ Basketball Backboard Fully tempered 1/2″ glass with official white target and border permanently fired into glass. Frame constructed of extruded brushed aluminum. Used only for backstop structures with goal brace direct goal attachments.