Gym Dividers: The Fitness Game

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Schools are Stepping Up Their Fitness Game

QSD works closely with individual schools and school boards, providing the finest in gymnasium equipment, gym dividers, and multiplexing solutions.

In 2005, the Government of Canada launched the Pan-Canadian Healthy Living Strategy. Prompted in large part by rising obesity rates in children, it challenged communities and schools to implement healthy lifestyle education programs. These included federal and provincial support for school-level initiatives to improve physical education facilities.

Since then, much has been done to address the situation. A 2015 update to the statistics shows improvement, but room still remains for much more. The good news for schools is that in many provinces funding is available for facilities upgrading.

One in Three Canadian Children are Obese

With a third of all young people being classed as overweight, the statistics are alarming. The good news is that if you’re a school administrator tasked with improving the physical education component to your school or jurisdiction, there is no shortage of funding opportunities available to you. The following represents a short list of options.

TELUS Community Grants

Canada Post Community Foundation

Physical Activity Grants

Playground and Facilities Grant

Sports and Recreation Grants

General Health and Wellness Grants

CAAWS Grants

As always, the facilities experts at QSD are happy to provide any informational support you may require as you put together your proposals and funding requests. Give us a call today, and get in the game. The fitness game.

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