How to Soundproof Your Business or Office Space

Unwanted Noise

Excessive sound is a serious problem facing many industries. Whether you need to reduce the sound generated by noisy equipment and machinery, reduce echo in open areas, or decrease the amount of boisterous decibels in your space, acoustic curtains are a solution with proven success either alone or in a creative combination. Lowering the volume can make the difference between background noise and white noise.

Understanding How Sound Works to Assess Your Individual Needs

Because sound itself is vibrations, sound can be easily reduced, diverted, and/or eliminated using strategic soundproof technology. What is important to take note of is what exactly your specific needs are. Are high ceilings – in a concert hall, music venue, gymnasium, or expo hall – causing unnecessary echo? If so, baffles are an extremely effective and budget-friendly solution. Trying to contain and reduce excessive sound? Acoustic (soundproof) curtains are often less expensive than putting up a wall. They’re moveable, and fully customizable. The applications are endless.

Here are a few of the best possible solutions for your space:

Divide and Conquer

Dividers/partitions, cubicles, and walls help to break up sound into smaller, more manageable spaces. Leaving room for air in-between partitions allows the sound to be trapped. Added carpets, fabric furniture and ceiling tiles can supplement your sound-reduction strategy. Learn more about our industrial soundproof curtains.

Fill in the Gaps

According to this source:

“For every one per cent of an opening found in the surface, 50 per cent of the sound will make it through. That is referred to as the one per cent rule.”

The first step is the most important to solving your sound leakage issues: fill in the gaps. If the unwanted sound is coming from outside, try installing double-paned windows and ensuring all cracks near windows and doors are properly sealed. Consider all door cracks and the door itself, windows, air vents, and even electrical sockets as possible points of sound entry. But before you start making changes to air vents, windows, and electrical sockets, first consult a professional.

White Noise

White noise machines or loud-air purifiers can be used outside boardrooms and offices to mask sound. Having a confidential meeting? Put one outside your office or boardroom door and it will prevent others from listening in. Need help drowning out background noise? A soft hum of an air purifier or white noise machine is a lot more soothing and can be quite effective. Some studies suggest white noise helps humans concentrate better.

Acoustic Baffle Systems

Baffle Them

Acoustic baffles are an excellent sound absorption solution. QSD offers many possible varieties to help you achieve a simply baffling result. Choose between ceiling baffles, convex wall baffles, flat wall baffles, and free hanging baffles, or let one of QSD’s experts guide you through improving your functional space. Our absorption material features 2.5” thick cotton batts that are an eco-friendly alternative to fiberglass or mineral wool acoustic insulation. The natural cotton fibers are 100 per cent recyclable and are made from at least 85 per cent post-industrial recycled content.

Acoustic Curtains Retractable Stationary

The Holy Grail – Acoustic Curtains & Panels

Acoustic curtains and/or panel systems can be tailor made to your needs by experts with features including: permanent fixtures and/or retractable curtain tracks, fiberglass-free, fire retardant, up to 40 feet tall, and much more. If you’re not exactly sure what you need or what’s possible for your space, contact QSD for a free quote and we can help design something that fits your needs perfectly.