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Classroom Equipment

Classroom Equipment Creates a Great Learning Environment

Contemporary classroom and lecture hall design is all about creating shared-use spaces that provide flexibility in designated learning areas. Modernizing a school’s existing rooms is a prudent investment and there are many excellent products on the market that address a range of diverse needs. Yet intelligent classroom equipment design can facilitate the development of student life skills that reach far beyond the class.

Students that are comfortable, both physically and psychologically, and properly supplied with the tools they need to learn, benefit from increased focus and an improved sense of well-being. Furthermore, proper classroom design impacts student engagement levels. Studies have shown that well-equipped learning spaces boost levels of student and faculty interaction through direct and indirect means.

Advancements in classroom design continue to progress every year. But making the best use of your space for education will always be beneficial. Properly outfitted classes move your school towards the future while meeting the needs of current learning styles. Flexibility and diversity work hand-in-hand with technology and space to facilitate learning in classrooms.

Let’s go over some of the excellent classroom products and accessories that are available on the market today.

Projection Screens

When selecting a projector screen, it’s crucial to determine the features that matter most for your particular school environment. Larger screens are ideal for larger classrooms, enabling students in the far back rows of the class to still hear and see clearly. Motorized screens negate the necessity to constantly pull up and down. Portability is the most important feature for some schools, while ease of use, as well as premium, durable materials are a safe bet in every situation. Research what features are most essential for your classroom while being cognizant of compatibility with other classroom technologies.

  • Electric Projection Screens – Whether you need a wall mounted, ceiling mounted, ceiling recessed, tab-tensioned or non-tab tensioned, there are electric projection screens which are right for your school. Combine the perfect screen with a complementary control option and you will benefit from a screen that will last for many years.
  • Fixed Projection Screens – Fixed projection screens are permanently-tensioned screens that provide a contemporary, theatre-like appearance wherever a permanently-mounted projection screen is required. The viewing surface is flat and that means perfect picture quality.
  • Manual Projection Screens – Manual screens are an economical choice that are perfect for smaller classroom setting. When properly installed, these screens offer a smooth, quiet retraction. With a broad selection of mounting options, you can’t go wrong choosing a manual projection screen.
  • Portable Projection Screens – Projection screens that let you travel light, still make a big presentation and setup in minutes are a valuable school commodity. Front or rear projection, table-top easy, or folding convenience, the choices for portable screens are extensive.
  • Rear Projection Screens – You can choose from rigid rear projection screens as well as portable models. From school theatre to rear projection systems for classroom applications, there are options for almost every environment.

Classroom Divider Curtains

Whether your intention is blocking outside noise or isolating sound within your classroom, divider curtains are the solution that will help you to insulate any space to be more functional and efficient. Curtain systems can be tailored to your needs with features such as permanent fixtures, retractable curtain tracks, fibreglass-free, fire retardancy, and much more.

Acoustic curtains are very effective for sound-deadening applications to significantly reduce decibel levels. The structure and form of fabric still leave ways for some sound to escape but selecting quality curtains will go a long way towards dampening sound in your school.

Here are just some of the products that can be used – either standalone or in exciting, customized combinations:

  • Retractable Acoustic Curtains – Retractable acoustic curtain panels are vertically joined in sections to create an accordion. The soft side faces the noise source and dampens it before the unwanted sound is further diminished against the hard outside surface. The strength of the sound absorbency is determined by fabric choice. Mounted on a track system, these noise barrier curtains are retractable and can be configured to form a complete acoustic enclosure to effectively contain the sound within the enclosed space.
  • Single-Barrier Technology – Retractable acoustic curtains with single-barrier technology are a dependable solution to reduce, dampen or absorb sound.
  • Double-Barrier Technology – Retractable industrial acoustic curtains with double-barrier technology are an optimal solution to reduce, dampen or absorb sound. The additional layer of sound blocking material creates an even stronger barrier against unwanted noise.

Track, Hardware & Motors for Stage Curtains

There are many types of track, hardware and motors to choose from. Some of the products to consider are as follows.

  • Classic Curtain Motor – Classic continues to prove itself among the strongest and most reliable drapery products in the industry. Featuring pure mechanical drive motors on an architecturally-designed headrail system, classic curtain motor systems work best in jobs requiring large or heavy drapes.
  • Tumo Curtain Motor – A medium-duty curtain track motor that is perfect for home theatres, conference rooms, lecture halls, offices and more. Featuring a low voltage motor line, the tumo curtain motor system comes with a range of flexible features including Smart Touch technology, built-in radio control, and contact closure for integration. These tracks are easy to install on a wall or ceiling, and can simply plug into a normal wall outlet.
  • Aura Curtain Motor – A medium-duty curtain track motor that is perfect for home theatres, conference rooms, lecture halls, offices and more. The Aura curtain motor system brings an exciting, technologically-advanced addition to our collection of automation solutions. Aura combines the architecturally-designed hardware system and high-capacity performance of the Classic with the simplicity and functionality of the Tumo to deliver an incredible solution for nearly any project.

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