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The importance of service & maintenance to keep your equipment running smoothly

Like any other piece of equipment with moving parts and intricate construction, stage curtains and gym equipment require maintenance to preserve quality and lengthen lifespan. Just as your car needs a mechanic, you need the experts at QSD to ensure your equipment is running smoothly to avoid major bumps on the road.

QSD has successfully provided premium curtain service and maintenance to customers for nearly 30 years. We’re there for you, available for emergency calls when you need us. For your peace of mind, we highly recommend one of our proactive regular service plans to prevent issues, minimize wear and tear, and extend the life of your equipment.

If we sell it, we service it. We repair and maintain many different products, including:

  • Stage curtains
  • Industrial curtains
  • Cubicle curtains and dividers
  • Gym equipment
  • Bleachers
  • Operable partition doors
  • And much more

For stage curtains, QSD provides service and maintenance, dry cleaning, fireproofing, re-application of fire retardant and its certification, and curtain motor repair for all styles and configurations of stage drapery and track & hardware! Our highly-qualified technicians also provide comprehensive inspections for your gym equipment and can make essential repairs to safeguard every player’s safety.

The two most important reasons to contact QSD today to inquire about maintenance and service for your equipment are:


To protect your investment in high-end curtains or gym equipment from wear and tear, maintenance is necessary. Regular service and maintenance extends the lifespan of your products. Our technicians perform on-the-spot repairs for many common issues, and outline courses of action for more serious problems.


At QSD, your safety is our top concern. QSD has developed a Safety Inspection Program for school boards and fitness facilities for their maintenance departments, and have caught potentially-dangerous situations prior to an incident. Just one incident can result in liability claims, lawsuits, and damage to reputation, or worse – injury and loss of life. If precious lives are in your hands, it’s your duty to ensure all equipment is functioning safely without any guesses or assumptions.

Any large installation has its own risks, and only the experts are qualified to inspect all equipment and make necessary repairs. You wouldn’t trust just anyone to inspect your ride, so don’t trust anyone less than an expert to inspect your stage curtains or gym equipment.

Consult the experts. We’re happy to answer any questions you have, and we provide free quotes.