Winch in a Pinch

Backstop Winch

New Products

QSD now carries the Tork Winch product line – the ideal replacement winches for basketball backstops, lighting bars and gym dividers.

Tork Winches are compact, lightweight and easy to install, giving years of reliable performance. And with the Posilok safety strap integrated into each winch, users are kept safe from equipment falls.

Not Your Granddad’s Basketball Hoop

The Tork Winch TW-2000 Basketball Backstop Winch transforms your athletic space from basketball court to your full space, instantly. Its features were carefully designed to avoid the need for extensive maintenance: it’s oil-free, electrophoretically coated (e-coated) for maximum corrosion protection, and has no belts or chains to wear out. Proudly built in North America, it lifts up to 800 lbs while weighing only 68 itself.

Ladders are a Thing of the Past

The Tork Winch TS-1000 Lineset Winch eliminates the need for stepladders, scaffolding, and lifts by bringing your equipment down to you. This lightweight solution is easy to install, takes up less space, and is more cost-effective than a large motor. Need to change lightbulbs or lamps, reach lighting pipes or grids, or maintain any other suspended items in a pinch? This is your winch.

Tork Winch CW-1800 Banner

Motorize Your Gym Dividers to Minimize Your Headaches

The Tork Winch CW-1800 Gym Divider Curtain Winch is a guaranteed upgrade for your gym dividers. It’s oil-free with no belts or chains. It does so much heavy lifting you wouldn’t believe it weighs only 68.5 pounds, making installation painless. Maintenance is a breeze with an e-coated steel frame to render corrosion a thing of the past.

We Customize, Install and Maintain Everything

QSD provides complete service and maintenance, dry cleaning, fireproofing and motor repair for all of our products and your legacy equipment. We also provide inspections for your equipment and make repairs to ensure safety.

Not sure what you need? Consult the experts at QSD: we have decades of experience, and can design, install and maintain the custom system of your dreams. We’re happy to answer any questions you have, and we provide free quotes.