School’s Out – Time for Service & Maintenance

Basketball Court Maintenance

The Halls Are Quiet – The Maintenance Can Begin

There’s no better time for maintenance than when classes are out for summer to inspect, certify, repair and install equipment. With the pause in activity, you don’t have to squeeze suppliers and inspectors in, around the academic schedule or extracurricular time.

At the core of QSD’s business – built on 30 years of providing theatrical, athletic and industrial products – is a diverse, skilled and knowledgeable service team dedicated to saving you time and money since you don’t need to contact a dozen different suppliers or inspectors to maintain your equipment. We provide expert inspections and service for your equipment.

For indoor gym equipment, such as a folding basketball backstop held up by cables, or heavy curtains in the theatre or auditorium, it is within a school’s purview to ensure they are performing efficiently and safely to avoid injuries. And with typical outdoor installations such as playground equipment, bleachers, and basketball courts, that liability extends to year round in all weather conditions.

Playground Maintenance

Some estimates show that deferring maintenance can end up costing as much as quadruple what it would have cost to maintain it regularly, not to mention the cost and inconvenience of emergency repairs, and the more devastating consequences of personal injury, loss of life, negative publicity and damage to reputation.

QSD has developed a Safety Inspection Program for school board and fitness facility maintenance departments, and have corrected potentially dangerous situations before an incident could occur. We help you maintain the safety of your students, and should equipment failure occur, we also provide on-call emergency service.

Bike Rack Maintenance

We take the uncertainty out of knowing the state of repair of your equipment at any given time, especially when we service your equipment year over year. That continuity of relationship, reporting and accountability furnishes you with the peace of mind you need to focus on your real job: educating and guiding young people. We take our responsibility to you, your school and our community’s children very seriously. And we’re honoured to provide that service.

We provide comprehensive oversight – inspecting, certifying, maintaining, repairing and installing equipment throughout your school:

  • Indoor basketball, volleyball and badminton nets, climbing ropes, basketball backstops, winch motors, gym dividers and netting, bleachers, player benches
  • Outdoor playground equipment, park benches, bike racks, tennis, basketball and soccer nets, basketball backstops, player benches
  • Theatre curtains, track, motors, lighting grids
  • Acoustic baffles and wall pads for music rooms
  • Projection screens for classrooms and lecture halls
  • Bay dividers and welding curtains for automotive, metalworking and wood shops
  • And much more
Locker Room Maintenance

Not sure what you need, or would just like to have a friendly, unpressured conversation about your school’s equipment? Contact us today. We’re happy to answer any questions you have, and we provide free quotes.