Gymnasium Dividers: Multiplexing Your Gym Space

Gymnasium Dividers

Gymnasium dividers are the answer

School budgets are tight. Maybe it’s time to consider gymnasium dividers. All that space is expensive per square metre. While most other classrooms are paying for themselves, why is it that your gym is often sitting idle? Wouldn’t it be great if you could maximize its return? Consider how gymnasium dividers can boost your productive space:

Multiplex Activities

There’s no need for a single activity or sport to monopolize the space. Imagine running multiple classes at once. You’ll be able to with a strategic gym divider system.

Portable Theatre

It’s not just sports that can benefit. Give your Drama program a boost with permanent, semi-permanent, or portable solutions. QSD is a premier provider of the highest quality stage platforms, drapery, lighting grid, and seating options.

Special Events

Ever thought of opening up your school’s gymnasium to the local community? You can generate additional revenue streams by partitioning or draping your gym to accommodate conferences, seminars, and receptions. Not something every school should do, but coordinating a designated site through your local school board will be a benefit to the community.

Trade Show Venue

Turn your weekends into revenue generators. Host trade shows for local businesses and civic special interest groups. Gyms often get used as polling stations and blood bank campaigns. With flexible, minor additions like curtains, partitions, pipe and drape, etc., you can really open up the opportunities. Increase your revenue stream.

Considering your multiplexing options? We can help. Before jumping at the first solution that appears, have us consult on all the scenarios available to you. That way, you will make the decision that gives you the highest return. Lighten the annual financial load on parents, and the limitations of low-dollar fundraising.

QSD specializes in gym dividers for sports, theatrical drapery and hardware, industrial safety curtains and more.

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