Strip Curtains – Economic Efficiency in Climate Control

Industrial Strip Curtains

Baby, it’s cold inside! Realize all the cost-saving benefits vinyl strip curtains have to offer.

Do you have drive-in or walk-in refrigeration rooms in your facility? Maybe your loading dock is open to the rest of your warehouse. Streamline your workflow with vinyl strip curtains. These industrial-grade vinyl solutions do away with mixed-climate exposures and the need for opening and closing doors during the day.

Professional Strength

They’re durable, designed for ease of movement of personnel and heavy equipment – like forklifts – or other transport equipment. They provide:

  • Increased Productivity: Not only are your work teams protected from temperature extremes, they are also kept on-task and focused in ways they wouldn’t be if they had to deal with temperature changes. Improve productivity with climate-controlled environments
  • Product Segregation: Not only are your temperature changes managed when dealing with perishables, vinyl curtains also provide a barrier against contaminants and allergens. They also enable pre-shipping staging areas, away from dust or wind-blown weather. And don’t forget their sound-dampening qualities. Just another way to improve working conditions for your employees, and quality control for your products.

Poor isolation of different temperatures creates a source of excessive energy consumption. Conserve your energy year round, and reduce your facility expenses. Heat or cool designated spaces by containing discreet climates within your facility.

Not sure which solution is for you? That’s where we come in. Contact us for a free consultation. Then you will know all your options in advance.