Body Shop: Boost your ROI with Curtains

Body Shop Curtains

Industrial curtains pay massive dividends on body shop workflow when properly planned.

Each work area in a body shop has its own demands, and requires its own considerations. Extreme temperatures, paint spray, UV light, sparks, slag and abrasions all call out for their own containment. Without it, various workflows are interrupted to facilitate one another. Labour efficiency is impacted and project completion horizons are stretched unnecessarily.

By following some these simple planning procedures, you will be miles ahead of your competitors:

  1. Consult with a QSD partitioning pro before you start considering product. They will help you maximize efficiency, minimize costs and streamline your shop’s workflow.
  2. Ensure you consider noise implications along with all the other concerns.
  3. Be conscientious in your staff training. Even before your products are installed, your staff should be in the loop on the complete strategy. Respecting how the various curtains form part of their tools ensures that they will be used properly and consistently.
  4. Situate each work area with best use of space in mind.
  5. Minimize temperature loss.

Following these guidelines not only ensures your curtaining tools are being used appropriately and consistently, they also help you make most use of your available space. No more waiting for one job to complete before another can begin. There is so much you can accomplish with efficient positioning of curtain barriers.

QSD has decades of experience in designing body shop work areas. We are happy to provide any advice you might require.

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