Multiplex My Gym: In Any Event…

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Wouldn’t it be great if gymnasium down time could supplement your school’s working budget?

Well it can. QSD has most everything you’ll need to turn your dormant gym into an in-demand meetings and events venue.

Theatrical drapery, portable stage platforms, pipe & drape material and hardware. The list goes on from there. With a minimum of set-up, you could go from intramural sports by day, to civic meeting by night. Swap out the squeak of training shoes on hardwood during the week, for the clink of champagne glasses on the weekend. Here are just a few of the possibilities to get your business ideas flowing:

  • In Any Event Civic Meetings Podium

    Civic Meetings

    Turn your gym into a local town hall for getting the message out. QSD has a wide range of portable seating, stage risers, and colourful pipe and drape material to set the scene. Change gears from academics, to politics, and become a richer participant in local affairs.

  • Any Event Conference Centre Trade Show

    Conference Centre

    Conventions, trade shows, workshops and seminars. There’s a demand for the space afforded by your dormant gymnasium. Reach out to local business and industry associations. Get on their radar for any events they may need to hold during the year (and during holidays). Help your local businesses give back to the community through their contributions to your school coffers. After all, you’re training the business leaders of the future.

  • Any Event Wedding Reception Social Events

    Social Events

    Holding a wedding reception in your old school gym may not seem romantic at first. But just wait and see the transformation QSD can bring about. Remember, we’re the theatre drapery specialists. Staging is what we do. We can work with wedding or event planners to create a wonderland of drapery, stage platforms, table skirting, and more – all as an elegant but affordable option to other, heavily-booked venues.

And weddings are just one example of social events we can enable. Christmas parties, banquets, dances and membership drives. Your local gym is limited only by your imagination.

Contact our knowledgeable advisors and installers for ways in which we can make your vision a reality.