Multiplex Your Gym: Giving Value to Your Downtime

Giving Value To Your Downtime Feature

Get On Up

It’s ironic that the largest real estate asset in a school is often its most underutilized resource. The gymnasium, 8,000 ft2 of specialized flooring and vaulted ceiling. When it’s sitting idle, it’s usually still being heated or air conditioned in anticipation of the sporadic activities that do happen throughout the week. Surely, there’s a better way to maximize its use and minimize its downtime.

Consider This

The school gym is already a multi-purpose space. It’s the largest room in the building, and is usually used for any function that involves bringing together the school body. Assemblies, science fairs, art exhibitions, parent-teacher events are examples of the many organized and ad hoc gatherings that take place. And that’s without consideration of the gym’s principle purpose – physical education.

Even with all of this going on, the lights are off most hours of the day and evening. Wouldn’t it be great if more downtime could be mobilized (and monetized)?

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