Multiplex Your Gym: Becoming a Venue of Choice

Becoming a venue of choice

The key to your school (and its gym) becoming a venue of choice is versatility. From a range of sports, to social and business events, your gym should serve as a blank canvas for your incoming users. Being able to provide basic components for the various event planners will go a long way to making their lives easier – and you an attractive option on their radar. To truly multiplex yourself, you’ll want to accommodate as wide a range of appropriate applications as possible.

Think in broad terms; what utilities will give you the most mileage, so to speak? And what will get used most frequently? Just as you want to be versatile, you also want to be efficient with your expenditures. At QSD, we can be your most valued resource in getting set up for multiplexing success:


QSD player benches from Draper are available in portable or permanent models. Looking for deeper, higher seating? Consider stage platforms and create a “theatre” atmosphere. These modular bleachers are roll-away, stack, and store options to consider.

Barriers and Partitioning

Recreational space is in high demand. The simple answer is to divide your gymnasium into several multi-use spaces. A gymnasium divider curtain easily partitions off areas of your gym for different activities. QSD offers a wide range of multiplex materials and implementations for now you see it, now you don’t convenience.

Flooring and Risers

At QSD, we supply two great options for anyone looking for a portable multiplex stage. Our QSD Express Deck and Alpha Deck solutions offer easy-to-use transportable stage platforms, suitable for a wide variety of events. From graduations, concerts, theatrical productions, to events such as trade shows, exhibits and displays we have what you need.

Decorative and Functional Multiplex Drapery

QSD’s trade show drapes are manufactured to your specific size requirements to be both decorative and functional. Our standard drape height for our pipe system is a 94″ high back and a 34″ high side with a 4″ rod pocket on both the top and bottom of the drape. However, we produce all manner of heights and pocket sizes on a daily basis per customer requirements.

QSD’s stage curtain fabrics elevate the quality of your theatre and performance spaces with a tremendous range of colours and materials. If your project or budget is small or large contact our experts to recommend the right fabric for your application.

Custom multiplex requirements? No problem. If you have a specific design in mind, we’re able to create it in our workshop.

We also stock QSD table skirting. Great for any occasion from weddings to trade shows and built to last event after event. QSD skirting is made using all flame-retardant fabrics and is available in many colors.

And what about QSD’s trade show booth accessories? Having the most popular elements on hand will set you apart from the competition with superior fit and finish to your displays. Add final touches like table clips, skirt hangers, and double-back wall hangers to your kit. Lift your attendees to the top of their game. Not only will they thank you for it; they’ll spread the word and be back for more.

Audio-visual Elements

QSD’s portable projection screens let you configure for your clients’ big presentations. They can set up in minutes and make a big display of their own. We have front or rear projection, or the convenience of table-top, and folding options. QSD’s line of portable screens is extensive.

Overhead tracks and grids

Pipe grids are versatile and work well for low or high ceilings and small or large spaces. You can achieve professional functionality and aesthetic appeal with out of the way permanence and as-needed convenience. A standard setup works well for many spaces, but we can also customize your system to make sure it works best for you and fits your needs.

Build up your in-house equipment in stages. Don’t know where to start? Give us a call today. Our experienced and friendly advisors will be more than happy to walk you through your best buys for the highest returns. Just imagine what the additional revenue will do to boost your academic capacity.