Cubicle Curtains – Preserving Dignity

Hospital Cubicle Curtains Feature

When your patients are at their most vulnerable, cubicle curtains provide privacy.

Provide a safe and comfortable environment in moments of distress for your patients. Personal space is important, whether it’s an exam, a minor procedure, or a longer stay. Each person deserves a basic need for the privacy, respect and dignity afforded by cubicle curtains.

Drawing a curtain closed saying, “The doctor will be with you in a moment.” may seem routine. And it is routine with a well-made curtain on a professionally-installed track system. The curtain slides smoothly and quietly, holding its shape day after day. The fabric is clean, made from a material that is hygienic with an anti-microbial finish. At QSD, we pride ourselves on the variety of materials we maintain in stock.

Chosen a colour or pattern which is modern and tasteful and you’ll make the routine more attractive. You’ve paid attention to the aesthetics because it helps people feel more at ease, reducing their stress. The room feels a little less sterile and a little more homey. It tells the patient you’re people helping people.

Each clinic, hospital, extended-care facility or spa has its own personality, and that’s why we provide multiple lines of privacy curtain fabrics to suit your decor, whether it’s bright and cheerful, or muted and elegant.

QSD supports everything from a single install in a nurse’s office to contracting for new medical facilities, and our service and maintenance plans are designed to keep everything running smoothly year in and year out.

We’d be happy to sit down with you and work out a plan that suits your needs and the needs of the people you provide care for.

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