Privacy Curtains – Peaceful Assurance

Privacy curtains provide patient assurance

In a communal setting, a little space goes a long way

Whether your patients are in extended care or you provide for seniors in their final years, adjusting to fundamental changes is important. Privacy curtains can make all the difference

People find more comfort during a long-term illness if they feel they are being respected. This translates into better outcomes and accelerated recovery rates. It softens the disorientation felt by long-term patients when they are away from home.

Ensure patient privacy with a safe place to retreat to when isolation is a necessity. Not every facility can support separate living spaces. That’s where privacy curtains, screens and dividers can play an important role.

Flexible curtains deliver psychological separation when patients and seniors need to withdraw from social activity. They also provide easy access for staff during healthcare emergencies.

QSD provides privacy curtains in a number of styles and fabrics to suit your facility’s unique requirements. Define your space as contemporary and inviting – opaque for maximum privacy, translucent to keep the room light and airy. All of our cubicle curtains are elegant and modern. This separates them from the antiseptic and institutional feeling of the past. That said, all QSD’s hospital curtains are treated with an anti-microbial coating for lasting hygiene.

We have flexible track and mounting options as well. Easy to install and maintain, our cubicle curtain track is quiet and smooth running. Drawing the curtain is easy even for those in wheelchairs.

You’re giving the people in your care a clear sign they’re respected and welcome. They’re part of a community, appreciated as individual human beings. We’re happy to help you accomplish this. Contact us when you’re ready to find out how we can contribute to your facility’s needs. Need more info? We’ve got it here on the site.