The Six Top QSD Gym Divider Systems

Gym Dividers

Planning on Installing Gym Dividers?

An increasing number of schools are considering multiplex solutions. Sometimes, however, these plans get put off by what are seen as unique challenges. “Our gymnasium is too small. Our roof angles are a challenge. It’s probably too expensive.” These are just a few of the roadblocks imagined by some. Don’t let them stop you. QSD gym divider systems are here to provide solutions that respect budgets.

If you feel your gym is too small, that may be the principal reason why you should get a gym divider system in the first place. Depending on the sports activities involved, multiplexing even a small space increases the utility of your existing resource.

Oddly shaped ceiling structure? Not a problem. There are so many solutions available, you’re sure to find one that’s a good fit – literally. To give you a idea, we’ve assembled a list of our most popular QSD gym divider systems. Each is customizable depending on your scale, need and context.

  • Fold-Up QSD Gym Divider Systems

    Fold-Up Gym Dividers

    This ingeniously simple design is an accordion-fold concept. Cables strung through grommets are suspended from the rafters, raising and lowering your divider with ease using an electric motor. Your solution is custom fitted and installed based on the dimensions of your space. Construction is highly durable for a long life, and is composed of either solid polyester vinyl, mesh vinyl, or a combination of the two. A great all-round partitioning solution.

  • Ridge-Fold QSD Gym Divider Systems

    Ridge-Fold Gym Dividers

    Large vaulted ceilings can pose challenges for many providers. At QSD, we pride ourselves on our ability to serve all shapes and sizes. The ridge-fold divider is also an accordion-fold system with one key difference. It folds from the horizontal floor level into an angled roof position. Whether your roof peaks in the middle of the ceiling or is offset, we custom fit and install the perfect solution.

  • Radius-Fold QSD Gym Divider Systems

    Radius-Fold Gym Dividers

    What if the floor space you want to isolate is curved? No problem. QSD’s radius-fold solutions from Draper use an ingenious accordion-fold action on a segmented drive pipe. Perfect if you have a perimeter running track you want to make available while other sports or activities take place uninterrupted in the interior.

  • Top-Roll QSD Gym Divider Systems

    Top-Roll Gym Dividers

    QSD’s top-roll systems allow the divider to gather neatly on a ceiling drive pipe. This minimizes the overhead assembly space to only 14” overall. A perfect solution when ceiling height, or high-level viewing are issues.

  • Walk-Draw QSD Gym Divider Systems

    Walk-Draw Gym Dividers

    Need an easy, non-mechanical partition? QSD’s walk-draw gym dividers are ideal. Recessed into a compact storage area, these suspended vinyl curtains run on horizontal track, walked into place by hand. Block off a portion of the gym, or the entire span. Low cost; high efficiency.

  • Gym Practice Cage

    Practice Cages

    Whether for tennis, golf swing training, or batting practice, QSD’s multi-sport practice cages from Draper are the perfect solution for contained, indoor use. Rain, shine, sleet, or snow; nothing stops the fully equipped training space – night or day. Motor operated, these utility cages are easily raised or lowered with the turn of a key.

So, you see there are many ways to subdivide a gymnasium – or any large, vaulted space for that matter. And as for the cost, QSD’s highly experienced technical advisors will steer you in the most cost-effective direction. Always remember, multiplexing your space increases its utility. That always pays dividends one way or another – whether by increased subscriptions or memberships, or as added revenue streams.

If you’re hesitating, give us a call today or click on the Contact Us button on the left. Our friendly customer service reps will walk you through all the options.