Think Outside the (Players’) Box

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The Modern Day Sports Facility: Multi-Sport Training – Not Your Grandad’s Gym

When I mention the school gym, what springs to mind? Think back to when you were in school. What are the abiding memories? The squeak of rubber soles on the hardwood? Echoing, urgent voices calling for the ball? Drafty, vaulted spaces?

And what about the sports? What games got played? In my case, it seemed like an annual cycle of the same old things: basketball, volleyball, floor hockey, badminton and neverending calisthenics. Boring, right? Well, the times have really changed.

Is your gym keeping up with the trends in sports training?

Here are a couple of relatively low-cost ways to isolate sections of your gym for specialized, multi-sport training and exercise:

  1. Batting training for baseball and cricket: whether or not you have a school baseball team, you’ve almost certainly got budding sluggers amongst your students. How great would it be to offer that level of training to next year’s cohort?
  2. Full throttle golf swing training: Golf enthusiasts tend to measure the length of summer by how long the driving range is open. What if you could offer it for the entire year? Turn your duffers into tigers. Get your students totally ready for when the links open. Keep them tuned throughout the season.

Not sure what would work best in your space?
Not a problem. Our product specialists are on hand to advise and recommend.

These are just two of the sports that could be served by a batting, or golf swing cage. Available from QSD in side-, bottom-, or centre-lifting configurations, these multifaceted solutions all fold neatly, up and out of the way when not in use. Simple motor operation makes deployment a breeze.

You’ll also be surprised by how affordable this value-adding resource will be. Get a free quote while you’re at it.

This isn’t the same old gym you’re used to. It’s a game changer!