Industrial Tarps and Tents Protect Against Winter Weather Chaos

Truck Industrial Tarps

Working outdoors in winter is never easy, and every part of your work day becomes a challenge. Bulky clothing, treacherous roads, difficult conditions on the worksite, temperatures not fit for man nor beast, and weather you can never predict on top of it all. Industrial tarps and tents are just the shield you need for safety and comfort.

Industrial Tarps Cover Your Loads on the Roads

We know securing your load with a tarp becomes just that much more important to ensure your safety, the safety of those around you, and to minimize any potential damage to the load you’re hauling.

That’s why when we provide a standard or custom-sized tarp, it’s waterproof, fire and UV resistant. It’s also hemmed and double-stitched for strength and tear resistance. And the grommets are placed to reinforce the quality construction. Tie down one of our tarps properly, and it’s not going anywhere until you want it to.

Thankfully, tarps are a simple and versatile piece of equipment, well suited for industrial, agricultural, commercial and recreational applications. In addition to covering your loads, they make great temporary walls and roofs to keep the weather at bay.

Industrial Tents

Industrial Tents Protect You on the Jobsite

When you need something more than single sheets, our industrial tents are a great solution. They keep the elements out while shielding site staff from your work welding, cutting and other hazardous tasks.

Our tents are lightweight, quick to setup or tear down and move with you on ever-changing jobsites. Constructed of galvanized steel framing, and available in a number of fabrics to suit your fire and weather resistance needs, you’ll have shelter that will last for years.

You’re Can-Do People, So Are We

QSD helps make your winter working day easier to bear. Whether you need a customized solution or an off-the-shelf package, give us a call and we’ll be happy to help you figure out what’s going to deliver the best value and performance.