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Keep Your Freezer Cold and Energy Costs Down with Freezer Strip Curtains

Freezer Strip Curtains (also called Low-Temperature Strip Doors) are used in a variety of cold environments. These strips create a thermal barrier that helps maintain a room’s temperature, reduce air loss at doorways, create a comfortable work environment, and lower energy costs.
Freezer Strip Curtains are ideal for use in restaurants, freezers, walk-in coolers and school kitchens. They are manufactured from a material that is smooth, highly flexible and has excellent clarity. It is critical to keep your refrigeration areas properly contained and separate from the rest of your facilities while providing easy access.

High-grade freezer strips don’t have the issue of curling over time, which can result in cold air leaks and increased energy costs. These refrigeration strip curtains can be customized for nearly any type of refrigeration facility with different options available to ensure proper installation. The best part is that they are quick and easy to install.

In addition to larger walk-in freezer curtains, there are smaller options for kitchen areas and other purposes. These strips create an insulated barrier and are installed in a similar manner to the larger products.

Save Money by Lowering Maintenance Costs

Freezer curtains are a simple solution to increase your energy savings by decreasing filter maintenance and lessening coil icing. As an added bonus, this helps to reduce overall business operating costs. The less often your equipment needs to be repaired the less you will have to invest in upkeep.

Plastic strip freezer curtains help trap cool air from leaving the building or room and provide easy in-and-out access for people moving between different environments without compromising the temperature in either area. That means you won’t need to run your refrigeration or freezer appliances on a high setting nearly so often.

What are Other Benefits of Freezer Strip Curtains?

Freezer strip curtains are useful to businesses of all types and industries. Here are a few of the important benefits:

  • Energy Savings: Plastic freezer curtain strips keep cold air inside the freezer which greatly reduces the overall energy consumption of your building
  • Regulates Temperature: Freezer Strip Curtains stop warm air from entering your freezer and prevent cold air from escaping
  • Improves Comfort: Your workers will be insulated from outside wind, noise, and debris by the strip curtain barrier
  • True Convenience: Plastic Freezer Strip Curtains offer easier access than a normal door without compromising on the insulating benefits
  • Maximum Efficiency: Plastic freezer curtains facilitate the transport of supplies and materials throughout the workplace by limiting the opening and closing of doors
  • Easy Cleaning: Once installed they are no trouble to keep clean and totally sanitary
  • Separates Rooms: The freezer curtains keep refrigerated or frozen areas separate from room temperature environments
  • High Flexibility: Freezer curtains are made from flexible and sturdy PVC plastic that can bend and fold with ease
  • Pest Control: Rodents, insects and other pests are blocked by the heavy curtains

Made from the Highest Quality Materials

Plastic freezer strip curtains are made from clear or tinted flexible PVC plastic. Not only does a proper freezer curtain system we keep your freezer area running smoothly, but it also protects your equipment from external threats such as dust, debris or fumes. Freezer strip curtains are the perfect insulated barrier for industrial and commercial freezers and refrigerators.

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