Your School Theatre – Curtains for Presentation and Safety

School Modules

Almost nothing makes a bigger statement than having high-quality stage or theatre curtains in your college, university, secondary or primary school. It doesn’t matter if they are installed in your school gymnasium, or located in a dedicated theatre room, the curtains you hang make a real statement about school pride.

They say that children are our future. For that reason, it’s up to us to protect our youth and to help foster an environment of positivity. Having newly-manufactured and installed curtains in your theatre or gym will make the entire school a safer place for both teachers and students alike.

Why not replace that aging velour curtain with a polyester that looks better, weighs less and is inherently fire retardant? When purchasing stage curtains for a school auditorium there are many fabric options, and you want to choose the perfect style for your school’s auditorium. The more fire retardant options are preferred by school administrators which also come in a variety of colors and options.

A Wide Selection of Fabrics and Colours

When deciding on a manufacturer and installer to take on this important project, why not select a partner that will come to your venue in person to take precise measurements and discuss the design and fabric of your theatre curtains? There are many types of drapes to choose from, and having an expert on hand to help you make a selection from the bast range of fabrics and colors can be critical. These are just a few of the products you’ll be choosing from:

  • Proscenium Drapes
  • Back Traveler, Wings and Masking Drapes
  • Fireproof and Flame Retardant Curtains
  • Velvet Theatre Curtains
  • Muslin Backdrops
  • Theatre Scrims
  • And More

When making your choice for a theatre curtain provider for your school, there are a few important factors to consider. For instance, some companies will sew and sculpt all your theatrical drapery in-house. This guarantees a custom fit that meets the needs of your production location. This should certainly be weighted heavily in terms of variables to contemplate when making a choice.

You’ll also want to work with a team that will offer premium stage curtain maintenance, including yearly inspections and repairs to ensure your stage curtains function properly for every performance. This means you will need qualified technicians that can offer dry cleaning, fireproofing and curtain motor repair for all styles and configurations of stage drapery, fly stages and all track and hardware. It’s important to recognize that proper service and maintenance ensure that your stage curtains function properly for your performances.

Finally, you will be best served by a company that is fully equipped with scaffolds, ladders and man-lifts to maintain the curtains in your school. Your curtain specialist should also provide you with detailed inspection reports and recommendations for any needed repairs and perform any repairs quickly and expertly.

The truth is that your school’s curtains have probably seen better days. They are aging fast and they’re one inspection away from needing to be repaired, cleaned and recertified for flame retardance. And how much will that cost? The best option is to simply have them replaced with a modern system installed by an expert with decades of experience in the industry.

QSD is the Industry Leading Expert in Theatrical School Curtains

QSD is proud to provide drapery solutions to educational institutes throughout North America. Our theatre curtains can be found in countless school auditoriums of all sizes, from elementary schools to universities. With a 30-year track record as a full-service theatrical curtain manufacturer, people trust QSD because their team will design, manufacture and install each theatre drapery project from start to finish. We pride ourselves on our personalized customer service and exceptional craftsmanship.

QSD takes pride in designing curtains that look fantastic and are fire-safe for all types of theatres. When you work with QSD, you get the benefit of an entire team working in unison to ensure your curtain project is successful. And don’t forget, they’re on call in case of an emergency. Customer service is the pillar of QSD’s operating philosophy.

The team at QSD is determined to create an experience for their clients that is as seamless and stress-free as possible. To ensure you receive the highest quality curtain service and maintenance, it’s critical to do business with a company that can provide you proper curtain care when you need it. Our goal is to be constantly innovative with reliable designs and preserve our current products so they provide years of satisfaction.