Keeping It In and Keeping It Out – Sound Reduction Solutions

acoustic baffles

It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to keep noise from entering your space or prevent it from escaping – QSD has got you covered. Our seasoned experts leverage many years of experience to fully customize sound reduction solutions for your space that is both practical and well-designed. Acoustic and sound reduction curtains can be tailor-made to the specific needs of each and every client.

They come with a plethora of features, including permanent fixtures, retractable curtain tracks, fire retardancy and much more. If you’re unsure as to what your particular requirements may be just contact us for a free consultation and detailed quote for your project.

Let’s talk about some of the highly-specialized products offered by QSD that can be used separately or in combination to transform almost any space into a soundproof haven.

Acoustic Baffle Systems

Acoustic baffles are an outstanding sound absorption solution. The material within is comprised of 2.5” cotton batts that are an environmentally-conscious substitute for fibreglass or traditional mineral wool acoustic insulation. They utilize natural cotton fibres that are at least 85 per cent post-industrial recycled content and are 100 per cent recyclable.

There are myriad combinations and choices that will enable you to obtain a fantastic baffle result. The options include ceiling baffles, convex wall baffles, flat wall baffles, and free-hanging baffles. If you’re still unsure, have one of QSD’s customer service reps walk you through the planning of your ideal space.

Retractable Acoustic Curtains

The purpose of acoustic curtains can often be to contain sound within a space rather than keep it out. Retractable acoustic curtains work by forming an accordion-like pattern with panels that join together vertically every 13.5”. There is a soft side, which absorbs a portion of the noise, and a hard side which serves to further contain the sound. The curtains are mounted on a track so they can be retracted on demand and arranged to create a complete acoustic enclosure. The effectiveness of this enclosure is in part determined by the quality of the fabric that is used.

These curtains are available in both single- and double-barrier technology. Retractable acoustic curtains with single-barrier technology are a time-tested tool for reducing, absorbing or dampening sound. Retractable industrial acoustic curtains with double-barrier technology are an even more effective option. The additional layer of sound blocking material makes for an even thicker barrier against superfluous noise.

Stationary Acoustic Panels

Stationary industrial acoustic panels also come in both single- and double-barrier technology. They are a reliable solution used to minimize sound in almost any enclosed space. Stationary acoustic panels can be designed and installed up to 40 feet in height, contain no fibreglass, and will incorporate both small window panels and detailed door cut outs.

Stationary industrial acoustic panels with double-barrier technology are a more impactful version of the stationary panels. As with double-barrier retractable curtains, the additional layer of sound-blocking material creates a stronger barrier against superfluous noise.

How Effective Are Soundproof Curtains Really?

If your goal is to reduce the decibel level in an enclosed space, there really aren’t more effective sound reduction solutions than sound-deadening acoustic curtains. Although some sound will inevitably escape due to the shape and structure of the fabric, quality acoustic curtains will do wonders for your space in terms of sound reduction.

The uses for these innovative and exciting products are countless in both residential and industrial applications. You may choose to install them yourself or have one of our professionals with years of experience assist you every step of the way.

Reach out to the QSD specialists for a quote today.