Control Your Workspace with Welding Curtains

Red Welding Curtains

Protecting You and Your Workers

It is common knowledge that welding is one of the most hazardous of all the trades. When safety precautions are not followed closely, there is a further elevated risk of injury, which makes it all the more dangerous. For these reasons, it is absolutely critical that workers have the benefit of proper welding curtains. Equipment and preparation make all the difference, and QSD is the leading manufacturer for heavy duty industrial welding curtains.

There are thousands of welders that end up in the hospital as a result of workplace accidents each year. Another point that is important to recognize is how other workers in proximity to the welding are also at risk. The danger to adjacent workers is even more drastic when the workspace is very small or cramped.

Some of the potential hazards that are common for welders and their colleagues are as follows:

  • Welders flash
  • Sparks and debris
  • Inhalation of dangerous fumes
  • Hearing damage due to piercing noises
  • Burns from the welding torch

The good news is that QSD can provide you with a large selection of welding curtains that fulfill most requirements for welding safety. Their curtains are designed to protect workers from the dangers that were outlined above. Furthermore, they will serve to increase productivity in the workplace and minimize the risk of injury claims. QSD has decades of experience in safety and protection and this is evident in every welding curtain that they produce.

Can Welding Curtains Make for a Safer Work Environment?

Let’s take a minute to review some of the main benefits that welding curtains can provide in the workplace. The main points are as follows:

  • Designates a clear welding area: By assigning a specific area for welders to do their job, you’ve taken a substantial step in making your workplace safer for everyone.
  • Reduces excessively loud noise: Industrial welding curtains act as a sound barrier that will protect the hearing of workers who may not be equipped with earplugs.
  • Controls the temperature in buildings: The welders themselves may wear protective equipment, but other workers on site may not, and welding curtains will protect them by restricting those high temperatures to a specific area.
  • Contains potentially noxious welding fumes: Welding can let off toxic fumes that with proper curtains – coupled with ventilation – won’t fill the entire building.
  • Shelters other workers from flying particles: A welding screen or curtain will contain sparks and hot metal deposits that can fly during the welding process creating a serious health risk to all employees.

QSD Has the Choices You Need

QSD has a wide variety of welding curtains for you to pick from. They are a cost-effective solution for the work space and will enable your employees to go about their business in a safe and productive manner. Welding curtains are ideal for large areas where a welding screen is not sufficient to provide the protection that is required. All of QSD’s welding curtains meet or exceed the standard safety requirements. They are available in many colours, including red, orange, yellow, blue, green and charcoal.

QSD will even custom-design welding curtains specifically for your needs. No matter what your requirements are there is a solution for your problem that will ensure that your workers can perform their duty with the ease of mind that will enable them to focus on the job they are there to perform. The tracks for the curtains can be mounted onto almost any surface. In addition, they are easily removed and reinstalled in another area when the job is completed.

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