The Importance of Performance

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You know the girl.

The one who carries herself with confidence, poise and self-respect. For her, your drama class is much more than just an arts elective. She knows the stage better than anyone else because she’s been taking ballet since she was three.

You know the family. They’re not wealthy, but they see the hard work and passion she puts into it, and they can’t say no, finding the money every year somehow to keep her in classes. Every backyard and family room show is met with as much excitement as the recitals she always shines in.

You’ve seen her work through injuries and the moments when she doubts herself, because you know she’ll be one of the greats if she keeps at it. You hope that everything you can bring to her as a teacher will only move her forward. You can’t help but feel protective of the special ones because they come along so infrequently.

Like any school today, there’s precious little in the budget for your arts programs. In a world obsessed with STEM and an unpredictable economy, it can seem like the arts are inconsequential. But you know the truth: that arts speak to our humanity and our search for meaning. And if you are meant to perform – to be the girl who dances – it’s as valuable to the world as any other calling.

Your theatre has seen better days. You know your stage curtains are aging and they’re one inspection away from needing to be repaired, cleaned and recertified for flame retardance. And how much will that cost? As we’ve said before, the better option is to replace that aging velour curtain with a polyester that looks better, weighs less and is inherently fire retardant. On average it will last anywhere from 50 to 100 per cent longer than cotton-based fabrics. All this in a price comparable to traditional fabrics, so your cost of ownership – wear over time and the labour of maintenance – is significantly lower.

For over 30 years, QSD has worked with other professionals in theatres, schools and auditoriums to create stage curtain and lighting solutions fitted to your needs and designed to impress. We help you set the stage so you can give your students the best entrance of their lives.

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