Don’t Forget About Your Outdoor Athletic, Park and Playground Equipment

QSD Player Benches

It’s Time to Fall Back Into School

Autumn is a wonderful season for outdoor activity or simply enjoying nature. The air is fresh and clean with a smell that brings us back to our childhoods. We all want to enjoy the last few weeks of warm weather before things cool down for the rest of the year. What better backdrop could there be for the end of summer than the colourful changing of the leaves?

The kids also return to school in the fall and will be eager to see their friends again. School teams will be back in action and we can expect to witness soccer and football games in the fields in the evenings. Families with young children will send the little kids to play in the playgrounds while the older siblings partake in organized sports.

That’s why it’s important for schools to keep their outdoor athletic equipment up-to-date and well-maintained. The wear and tear of teens or summer camps over the course of the summer break can create a hazardous playing environment for returning students and create a liability for the school. If any nets or balls need to be replaced, then that should be taken care of as soon as possible.

QSD offers the very best in outdoor park and playground equipment, such as outdoor basketball courts, park benches, bike racks and tetherball systems.

Outdoor Basketball Courts

Outdoor basketball courts are often the busiest areas in the entire playground. Dedicated athletes will practice or play games in all kinds of weather. For that reason, your outdoor basketball court, backboard and hoops take on a lot more wear and tear than other equipment. QSD can help you to keep the game going and your maintenance low. We can also assist with outdoor basketball backboard replacements.

Three types of backboards or posts commonly found in outdoor courts are as follows:

  • Straight Metal Outdoor Basketball Backboard
  • Gooseneck-Style Basketball Goal Posts
  • Heavy-Duty Back-to-Back Fixed-Height Posts

Park and Playground Equipment

The Draper line of park and playground equipment is the most reliable and tested in the industry. They are the very best supplier of permanent and portable options for parks, schools and other public spaces. Every part of the structure is carefully designed for the comfort and safety of the children and adults that use the park. Furthermore, Draper playgrounds are known for their durability and appealing looks.

Park Benches

QSD’s playground benches are available in several unique styles and offer many options to meet your specific needs. They are sturdily built and offer a grooved back for maximum comfort. The frames are constructed with tubing and are galvanized or finished with black powder coat. You can choose your planking from cedar-colored recycled plastic, extruded aluminum, or thermoplastic-coated expanded metal in red, blue or black.

Bike Racks

Draper loop-style racks offer an organized and modern-looking answer for bike storage in playgrounds and around parks. Loop-style bike racks are fabricated from galvanized tubing and are available for permanent or temporary surface-mount installations. QSD offers 3, 5, 7, and 9 loop bike racks.

Tetherball Systems

This is a classic stalwart of park and playground equipment. Our tetherball system consists of a post constructed of galvanized tubing, a yellow rubber covered ball, a reinforced rope attachment and a braided nylon rope. Tetherball provides countless hours of enjoyment for participants of all ages.

Final Thoughts

Don’t neglect your playground and outdoor athletic equipment in what could be one of the busiest and most enjoyable times of year. You will want to make sure that everything is in top shape and that the parks are safe and fun for children and adults alike. QSD is the trusted choice for anything related to the maintenance and replacement of playground structures and park equipment.