Put a Freeze on Energy Loss

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Save Money and Energy with Freezer Strip Curtains

Upon finding out there was a way to cut down one of their biggest expenses by 10–50 per cent, most business owners would immediately pounce on the opportunity. Yet, one of the most financially and environmentally burdensome costs is often overlooked. In 2008, The New York Times published a study that revealed a staggering 56 per cent of all energy in the American economy is wasted. The source estimated that 20 per cent of all energy wasted stems from commercial and residential buildings.

For restaurants, grocery stores, manufacturing plants, warehouses and even refrigerated transport vehicles, there is a simple and cost-effective solution. QSD’s freezer strip curtains are designed specifically for their intended purpose: they are made from clear or tinted flexible PVC plastic, and are easy to install, maintain and replace.

Walking through strip curtains not only lets significantly less cold air escape than a traditional freezer door, but is also a hands-free operation that will increase the efficiency of your labourers, eliminating the inconvenience of having to prop or hold open doors when loading or unloading goods. Effective management of your freezer’s temperature differential will directly impact the shelf life and safety of your food products. Freezer curtain systems also help to protect your goods from dust, fumes, external noise and more.

Just like a well-run business, freezer strip curtains are highly adaptable: whether you want to move warehouses, expand your location, or reconfigure your space’s layout, it’s as simple as uninstalling the hardware and moving it, while sparing yourself a second round of up-front costs. Curtain systems are also easily scalable, giving you the option to easily and inexpensively expand whenever you’re ready: these systems are in use everywhere from small restaurants to the largest commercial kitchens in hotel and convention centres.

Some of the notable benefits:

  • Inexpensive compared to common alternatives such as permanent walls and freezer doors
  • Cuts down energy costs, and therefore environmental impact as well
  • Additional energy savings by reducing heater water, decreasing filter maintenance and lessening coil icing
  • Clear PVC allows increased sight lines – increasing safety and reducing opportunities for theft
  • Easy to clean and keep sanitary, allowing for increased health and safety compliance
  • Fire-resistant – all of our PVC curtains meet national fire-resistant requirements
  • Prevents pests – durable PVC plastic can be heavy enough to prevent pests from getting through
  • Easy to install and take down
  • Totally portable from one space to the next, wherever your business takes you

The experts at QSD have decades of experience and can provide you with everything from custom design to installation, maintenance, repair and inspections. And, as always, you’ll be backed by QSD’s continued customer service.

We can help you find something that perfectly fits your budget, needs and intended applications. Depending on your space and specific needs, we may also suggest a combination of freezer strip curtains, thermally-insulated curtains, acoustic curtains, industrial curtains and more. Contact us for a free quote and we’ll be happy to answer all of your questions.