Medical Curtains: Getting the Measure On Privacy

How to measure curtain track

QSD medical curtains bring many advantages to the space where they’re installed. Privacy, isolation, and cleanliness are just a few.

Medical curtains are used in hospitals, nursing homes, doctors’ offices, sports therapy, dental facilities, and many other areas where temporary privacy is necessary.

The way curtains are suspended from the ceiling is important. Measuring them properly, choosing the correct materials, and installing them to last are major issues in privacy curtain’s effectiveness. QSD builds to fit the requirement, but most medical curtains are suspended from the ceiling using extruded aluminum track and carriers.

You may know the old carpenters’ rule, “measure twice and cut once.” This is equally true of privacy curtains. Whether you’re installing them yourself, or simply measuring so you can order properly, QSD’s installation technicians recommend the following guidelines:

  • Resist the temptation to measure the ceiling where the curtains will hang. Instead, measure the floor area where cubicle track is to be installed. This will not only be easier; it will also be more functionally precise. After all, you need to be able to mover around the objects (like a hospital bed) contained within the drawn curtain.
  • That should be your first measure. Depending on the composition of the ceiling, you may have to adjust to accommodate. But at least your first pass will take into account the useable space in the room. If the track is to be installed on the metal grid that holds the ceiling tile, you will need to allow for the installation on the grids. However, if the ceiling is sheet rock, or some other some, continuous material, the track can be installed almost anywhere.
  • Don’t measure around the curves of the track. Most bends are curved to either a 90º or 45º bend. Therefore, simply measure all bends as either square or 45º corners. Cubicle curtain track comes pre-curved. You won’t be bending it on the job site. The standard curve is 12″.
  • When ordering, you’ll need to determine if a bend is right or left. To do this correctly, position yourself at the head of the bed, with your back against the head wall, and imagine you’re taking a bird’s eye view from the ceiling. This will be the vantage point that determines left and right.
  • Beware the dreaded ceiling obstacles. Light fixtures, sensors, video cameras, fire alarms, and extinguishers were there first, and were positioned that way for a reason. Your medical curtains will have to work around them, without obstructing their specific functions. It will often be the case that your track will need to be suspended, rather than fixed to it.

Track installation can make or break the effectiveness of your medical curtains. Because of this, you should always consult a professional for the measuring and the installation. QSD’s friendly technicians are happy to help you get it right the first time. Contact us with any questions or concerns, let us know what you’re planning before you order. We can help save you time AND money. Get a quote today.