Car Wash Business: A Winning Option

Car wash business

The car wash business can be very profitable. More importantly, its path to profit is easier than most. Many people looking to franchise are favourably impressed by this.

Car wash owners benefit in two main ways that others don’t see. They are cash businesses, and because of this, payment is immediate. Looking to start one? You may be on to something.

QSD provides premier quality partitioning for car wash businesses across North America. We’ve seen every type of facility in operation, and we can attest to the streamlined nature of these operations.


QSD is here to help you with the logistics and set up of your wash bays. It may be relatively easy to open and run a car wash, but it still important that set-up is done right. Consult with the QSD experts and avoid the pitfalls that occur. Be sure you are properly costing out your partition needs.

We’ll help you with the facility set-up so you can take advantage of the other benefits, some of which are:

  • Super-efficient modern day equipment and products: Water is a valuable resource, and an expensive utility when used in the volumes of a car wash. Revolutionary advances have been made in water recovery processing and re-use, minimizing what would otherwise be enormous waste. Reduced operation costs lead to  consumer satisfaction. You’ll see it on your bottom line and the smiles on the faces of your customers.
  • Automation and Self-service: Staffing requirements are minimized by automation and self-service configurations. Often, in a wand wash facility, daily operations can be managed by as few as one or two personnel. 
  • Customers convenience and cost-efficiency: Empower your customers with self-serve operations and the convenience of automation. Whichever type of facility you opt for, curtains to control overspray and the mud splattering help you keep a clean-running and clean facility.
  • Captive local markets: Car wash customers tend to be local. This is true whether you’re on a major thoroughfare, or nestled in a community. You’ll have them for life when you become their service destination of choice. People don’t tend to drive long distances for these services. This affords you other channels of merchandising in vehicle care products.
  • Word of mouth and social media technologies: There are endless opportunities to build on your community profile to boost business and brand awareness amongst your friends and neighbours. Done right and you could become the next big franchiser. 

QSD is here to help in all of this. Let us assist with your planning, measuring, and all your partitioning needs. We’re the installation experts!