Welding Screens: How to Buy and Save Money

Welding Screens

Welding is hazardous. There’s no way around that, but with welding screens you can significantly reduce the risks. And there’s a way to do it while minimizing your costs.

Because of the hazards, welding screens are critical to shield both the welders and other staff in the area. Sparks are flying, heat is being generated and blinding light is produced. All of these risks must be managed.

Step One in the process is to think through the requirement and make appropriate decisions in the following areas:

Noise Levels
Though arguably one of the lesser hazards, welding can be noisy. In certain situations, sound can be a danger – both in its volume, and in its masking effect of other important sounds in the work environment. Be sure to consult with our technicians to ensure appropriate screens are being selected to counter your specific noise levels.

Ready, Aim, Fire Controls!
This isn’t a case of one size fits all. While fire is fire – and you want to avoid it – regulators have different code standards in different jurisdictions. We keep up to date across North America, north and south of the border. Not sure of your requirements? Don’t leave it to chance. Call us.

The Light, the Light!
The most notorious hazard in welding is the intensity of light generated. Because the welder has control over the situation, the most at-risk groups are casual bystanders and nearby workers. It’s important that the curtains and screens you select are able to block 100 per cent of the UV light generated by the arc.

QSD provides a complete line of the newest options on the market. As with all other considerations, be sure to call. Doing so will be your best assurance of appropriate and economical spending. We have insights that will not only save you with the purchase, but will build efficiencies into your installation and workflow integration – another cost benefit.

We will also provide you with information on how to fully educate your staff on the use of the materials we deliver and install for you. This will minimize any costly delays or failures to optimize the tools themselves.

So, let’s get started with the advance planning.