Estimating Car Wash Start-up Costs

Automatic car wash bay

As we’ve already noted, running a car wash start-up can be really profitable. Estimating car wash start-up costs is still important for success. The U.S. Small Business Administration shows car washes outperform other similarly sized operations by a wide margin. Small business loans to general small business failed at a rate 22.4 percent greater than similar loans to the car wash industry. There is an estimated 3,200 car wash facilities in Canada, added to 15,000 single- or multi-location facilities generating a combined $8.4 billion annually. The numbers are there. The trick comes in making appropriate choices by sizing the market, evaluating expense, and compiling service pricing data. 

Things you should be asking are:

  1. What is needed for a car wash?
  2. What are the operating costs, from daily to three- and five-year projections?
  3. What are the revenue expectations?
  4. How short is the road to profit, and how much can I expect to earn?

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Earnings estimates can vary widely, from $75,000 to $250,000. The key factors come in around location, population density, and the competitive landscape. Certainly, you’d be well advised to consult with your local small business administration office, or Business Link. They’ll have all sorts of information around sources of funding, as well as staffing, suppliers and operations best practices.

Other telling predictive factors include new car sales (more cars require more car washes), new home starts and population increases, both of which suggest increased need in local neighbourhoods.

Also connect with QSD’s informed and experienced technicians and consultants. We specialize in wash bay curtains and track systems. That gives us valuable insights to share on overall configuration and installation needs. Let us lend a hand during your planning stage.

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