Welding Tents: Gimme Shelter

Welding tents

Welding tents, the key to safe and secure outdoor work places

Welding is a challenging skill and career at the best of times. Performing to a professional standard when exposed to the elements is where your equipment can make all the difference. We believe that welding tents should work and perform well under variety of weather conditions. We are constantly developing and upgrading our products to fit advances in the market. We consider the real world situations and conditions faced by welders in the field. We understand the poor conditions that can sometimes arise inside and out of a welding tent. Our product specialists think like welders.


QSD’s selection of portable welding tents are at the top of the list for every accomplished technician. They need to be easy to assemble and disassemble and to move from one site to the other. There’s a comfort that comes from being able to use the same environment from site to site. Our portable welding tents are much lighter than other steel counterparts. This, of course, makes them easy to set up, move, and maintain. Their innovative designs are in high demand for any company that places the safety of their workers as a high priority.

Also, because our welding tents provide full protection from the elements and allow for welding in harsh conditions, they can also be used as utility tents for conducting all manner of technical tasks such as performing electrical repairs in bad weather.

Welding is physically demanding on the welder as well as the welder’s equipment. QSD makes quality and durability of our products of primary importance. Because of this, we are constantly updating and upgrading our product lines to ensure safety, durability and utility of the highest standard.

Whatever your welding, or on-site shelter needs, consult with our experienced technicians to determine your best options. We’re here to help.