Smooth Operator: Set the Stage with Luxurious Curtains

Luxurious Stage Curtains

You have specific needs. That’s why we make products that can be tailor–made to your preference.
Whatever you’re working with – a theatre, a church, a venue, a conference centre, a nightclub – we’ve got the fabric, the equipment, and the expertise that will have your space dazzling all who enter for years to come. Tell us what you need, and we will make it functional, transformative, and extraordinary.

Equipped for the Extra-ordinary

Carrier Hook

Are you a smooth operator?
Our high quality mechanical parts allow you to transform your space into other worlds with just a flick of the wrist.

Want your curtains to roll out automatically? We’ve got a motor for that!

Plain Curved Track

Need something that can bend to your needs? We’ve got the parts and the know how to turn “dangerous curves ahead” into dazzling curtains overhead.

track and hardware for stage curtains

Need something a bit more complicated? We love a challenge, and offer full customizability for any space!

We Ask the Hard–Hitting Questions

When your project is in the hands of QSD, it will be examined and implemented by experts who have been doing this for decades. We ask the hard-hitting questions so your project is done right the first time, without headaches and unforeseen delays that often come with DIY projects and/or contractors unfamiliar with the specific requirements. There are many types of track, hardware, & motors to choose from, and we can determine the right track for your project. Some of the most important factors to consider for proper performance are:

  • What type of fabric will be on the track? The weight determines if you require a heavy duty or light duty track.
  • Does the track need to be curved or straight? Curved track needs to be bent, so aluminum track is usually used. Some steel tracks can be bent depending on the application.
  • The type of structure above, whether it is ceiling mounted or suspended will determine the track and hardware required.
  • How will it be operated? Track selection depends if it requires that the curtain be motorized, cord operated, or walk drawn.

And to make it an even smoother process, we can guide you through every stage (pun intended) from customized design, to installation, and even maintenance! Let us do what we do best, so you can focus more on what you do best: running the show!