Pulling Back the Curtain on Health Care

Health Care Privacy Curtains

Health care is one of the most physically and emotionally demanding industries on earth. Doctors and nurses are regularly encountering people on the worst day of their lives, making privacy, dignity, safety, cleanliness, and efficiency a matter of life and death. At QSD, we make products that are specifically designed for your space and specific requirements. Let us do what we do best, so you can focus more on what you do best: saving lives!

Our hospital privacy curtains are designed for hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, clinics, dentists, and even spas. Here are just a few of the miraculous features we’ve incorporated into these superior products to tailor them to the specific needs of health care professionals: they enhance privacy, protect against the spread of germs and harmful agents, are fire retardant, machine washable, are cost-effective, and fully customizable to any space.

Cost-Effective & Efficient

Having a private room for every patient isn’t always within the realm of possibility, nor is it budget friendly. Our hospital privacy curtains allow healthcare professionals to give their patients the privacy and dignity they deserve, without having to undergo full construction. All of QSD’s privacy curtains are fully customizable and fire retardant features with the safety of your patients and staff in mind.

Our hospital cubicle curtain fabric contains superior stain and anti-microbial properties that help contribute to a clean medical office. The curtains can be machine washed or dry cleaned which will not affect the flame retardant properties. Our hospital privacy curtains are reinforced at stress points to provide extra durability. All of our hospital curtain track systems and hardware are designed for easy cleaning and sterilization.

In addition to our privacy curtains, we also offer durable shower curtains that are customizable, self-deodorizing, as well as stain proof. As with all of our curtains, our shower curtains are also fire and bacteria resistant for added safety.

Feedback from the Front Lines

When interviewed privately on the specific topic of hospital privacy curtains, Anna, an RN from Edmonton who works in private practice, shared: “We already have one of the most difficult jobs on earth. When our equipment doesn’t work the way we need it to, it is frustrating, makes our lives more difficult, and can interrupt our workflow making us less efficient.” Brittany, an RN from Edmonton who works in a very busy hospital unit, added: “I regularly see people at the worst, lowest point in their lives. Preserving dignity is essential. Having working, high quality curtains to separate patients can make a nightmare a little easier to bear.”

Proudly Canadian Curtain Experts

When your project is in the hands of QSD, it will be examined and implemented by experts who have been doing this for decades. We have the product knowledge and experience to help you come up with the best curtain solution for your healthcare facility. Our privacy curtains are all proudly manufactured in Canada. And to make it an even smoother process, we can guide you through every part of the process from customized design, to installation, and even maintenance! Talk to us — we provide free quotes and can help create a more functional, efficient, and cost-effective solution tailor-made to your needs.