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School Playground

It’s common knowledge that active play on the school playground is essential to the physical, mental, intellectual and emotional development of children. The recommended daily norm for school-aged students in grades one to six is one hour, and studies have shown that students who are more active during the day are far more likely to earn higher grades.

Additionally, just one physically-active lesson each week substantially decreases teachers’ time spent managing behaviour. Furthermore, an active school environment of physical education, supplemented by physical activity resources, programs, grants and professional development helps better prepare students for life.

Safety is a critical factor when it comes to any activity involving children. This is especially true regarding school playground equipment. School administrators always want to purchase their playground equipment from a supplier that offers safe equipment for children, that will let them have fun, while getting exercise at the same time. Quality and workmanship can’t be compromised when it comes to protecting our kids. That means selecting rugged, durable, and easy-to-maintain equipment that stands up to tough winters.

We know that physical activity improves academic performance and classroom behaviour. That’s why educational institutes have a unique opportunity to create healthier, happier environments for our children. Let’s have a look at a few of the most common types of equipment that we see in schools across North America.

Draper School Playground Equipment

The highly-regarded Draper line of park equipment is top of the heap when it comes to options for your school’s playground. Each piece is specifically engineered for comfort, safety, toughness and lasting æsthetics. Their products come in permanent and portable options for schools, parks and other public spaces.

Permanent Park Benches

Draper park and playground benches are exceptionally well-built and are available in many styles to meet your precise needs. These benches have a sturdy and contoured back for optimum ergonomics and comfort. The bench frames themselves are constructed with metal tubing and are galvanized or finished with a black powder coat. The seat and back planks can be built from recycled plastic, extruded aluminum, or thermoplastic-coated expanded metal.

Portable Park Benches

Portable park benches offer the same construction as permanent park and playground benches but are designed for portability. These benches are ideal for both indoor or outdoor use. The frames for portable benches have braces that increase stability. They also come with rubber pads on the feet that protect your floors and play surfaces from damage. You can choose from cedar-coloured recycled plastic, extruded aluminum or thermoplastic-coated expanded metal in a range of colours.

Bike Racks

If you’re looking to provide your students with a safe, clean-looking place to store their bikes then look no further. Draper bike racks are the most practical, contemporary answer for outdoor bike storage. The loop-style racks are fabricated from galvanized tubing and are available in both permanent and surface-mount styles and in a range of sizes.

Tetherball Systems

A long-time favourite of children in playgrounds everywhere, tetherball systems consist of a post constructed of 2-3/8″ 13-gauge galvanized tubing, a sturdy yellow rubber covered ball with a nylon wound butyl bladder, and a reinforced, recessed rope attachment with a braided nylon rope. The length of the post is about 12′ to allow for about 18″ to be set in concrete flooring or the ground. The bottom of the post is also notched to prevent rotation in the footing and ground sleeve.

Outdoor Basketball Backboards

Outdoor basketball courts have long been the setting for exciting competition between children of all ages. They can be used in almost any weather and last for countless years if properly maintained. Obviously, that’s going to mean a great deal of wear and tear on the court and your outdoor basketball backboard and hoops. Draper backboards are perfect for your outdoor court because they can withstand repeated punishment, are long-lasting and keep your maintenance low. Here are the three main types of outdoor basketball backboards:


With a crank style adjustment system, virtually anyone of any size or age can easily adjust the goal to different heights. The post is attached to concrete footing which enables perfect pole levelling and easy removal.


This is the most popular style and comes in a number of different sizes. The goals bolt directly through the backboard to the post to eliminate stress on the backboard. It can even withstand the stress of a student hanging from it.

Straight Style

This type of model comes in different sizes and can meet any need or playground condition. The goal height can be adjusted and the goal bolts directly through the backboard to negate any stress on the basketball backboard itself.

Playground Basketball Goals

Playground basketball goals come with a dual (double) rim made out of steel rods that are formed into an inside diameter ring. The ring is supported underneath by a steel rod welded to the rim and mounting plate. The entire apparatus is completed with mounting hardware and heavy-duty chain net which is attached by small but durable hooks.

Trust QSD to Supply and Maintain Your School Playground

When you work with QSD, you can rest easy knowing that you are dealing with an industry leader. Whether your school is large or small, our team has the expertise and experience to knock your project out of the park. Our elite team of professionals will ensure you have the products that fit your school’s budget and needs. Make the right choice by selecting QSD as your school playground equipment supplier.