The Nurse’s Office – Privacy and Safety

School Nurses Office

When a parent gets a call from the school to let them know that their child is sick or injured it can be quite distressing. At the very least, they will want to know that the school facilities are well-equipped to take care of their loved one. The nurse’s office is one place where up-to-date equipment is not an option. Whether the student is in grade school or university they deserve the best treatment when they fall ill.

This requires having the proper tools available for school staff when they are handling their patients. That means more than just thermometers, stethoscopes and needles. It also includes the room or office that they are treated in.

Healthcare industry curtains provide privacy and protection for medical offices of all types and can be installed almost anywhere that requires a lightweight divider. They seal off designated areas to create a safe and secure workspace. They are custom manufactured to your desired specifications, possess extreme flexibility, and can be configured into many different sizes and shapes according to your day-to-day requirements.

In addition to being perfect for school nurse’s offices, these curtains are used in clothing store change rooms, dental practices, assisted living facilities, spas, and a wide range of other purposes. The curtains are fire resistant, available in a wide choice of colours, and can be either transparent or opaque. They are typically mounted onto an aluminum frame that is strong enough not to tip over, yet light enough for easy maneuverability.

Perhaps most importantly, hospital, cubicle, and privacy curtains provide protection from the spread of germs and other potentially harmful agents. Whether you are looking to maximize your space, keep a sterile environment, or ensure your patient’s health, cubicle curtains can do the job.

Privacy Curtains Are Cost Effective and Safe

Creating a private and sterile environment for your students can seem like a big job. Schools are always changing and having a separate room for each student is not always possible or feasible. Installing privacy curtains in your school nurse’s office gives patients the privacy they need, without the high cost of new construction. Privacy curtains are not only antimicrobial, but fire retardant as well.

Let’s take a look at some of the options available for your school nurse’s office:

Hospital Cubicle Curtains

Hospital cubicle curtains are ideal for separating rooms or creating a designated space within a larger area. They enable you to customize your office layout while saving the money you would spend building permanent structures. Not only are these curtains ideal for medical purposes, cubicle curtains are also extremely useful in the retail industry. This includes store changing rooms where customers try on clothes.

Hospital Privacy Curtains

Hospital privacy curtains give your students the space they need while also enabling school staff the room to provide the best medical care they are capable of. Better yet, hospital privacy curtains have superior anti-microbial properties. This superb feature contains pathogens and harmful germs within each individual cubicle.

Hospital Shower Curtains

Shower curtains are extra durable and can be purchased in a variety of colours and fabrics. They come with many different features and safety measures that can be tailored to your specific needs. All of the shower curtains are self-deodorizing and stain-proof. As with other products, the shower curtains are fire and bacteria resistant for added safety.

Endurocide® Antimicrobial Disposable Hospital Curtains

The world’s first healthcare curtain that actively kills pathogens is now available for your school: the Endurocide® Antimicrobial & Sporicidal Disposable Hospital Curtain. These curtains are the perfect solution for school environments where patient care cannot be compromised. They are also suitable for use in burn units, oncology wards, operation suites, general surgery wards, cardiology wards, renal units, and more. Each curtain is treated with a unique formulation that traps and kills bacteria, mycobacteria, fungi and spores on the fabric surface. This reduces the risk of pathogenic transmission for up to two years.

2000 Series Curtain Track

Built specifically for the lightweight daily usage of cubicle and shower curtains, QSD’s 2000 series curtain track provides a low-profile and durable track system that is easy to install and requires no maintenance. Perfect for both curtain doors and longer runs.

Trust QSD to Supply and Maintain Your School Classrooms

When you work with QSD, you can rest easy knowing that you are dealing with an industry leader. All of our products are manufactured in Canada and to the highest standard. Whether your school is large or small, our team has the expertise and experience to knock your project out of the park. Our elite team of professionals will ensure you have the products that fit your school’s budget and needs. Make the right choice by selecting QSD as your school classroom equipment supplier. We have the product knowledge and experience to help you come up with the best hospital curtain solution for your school nurse’s office.