Welding, Thermal and Acoustic Curtains Make for a Safe Trades Shop

School Trades Shops

Safe, Defined Work Areas for Students with Welding, Thermal and Acoustic Curtains

Skilled trades workers play an essential role in our everyday lives. They are the people who build our homes, workplaces, and schools. They manufacture our vehicles and fix them when they break down. They perform maintenance on the utility systems that keep the lights on and the water running. They cook your food when you eat out. The list goes on. Tradespeople keep our cities and towns alive.

Some experts estimate that 40 per cent of all occupations in North America will be in skilled trades by the middle of the decade. For young people, it’s never too early to start thinking about a career in the trades, even for those students still in high school. There are numerous programs and options that allow individuals to earn training hours prior to graduation.

Educational institutes focused on the trades have programs that align students with the technical skills and expertise that businesses look for in their employees. These schools need to be outfitted with the proper equipment and tools to ensure their students are well-prepared for work in the real world.

Many of their jobs will involve tasks that are potentially dangerous, making it even more important that their training is as realistic as possible. That means using actual tools and machinery during coursework to properly mirror the duties they will need to perform after graduation. School trades shops have a responsibility to provide their pupils with everything they need to succeed.

For classes in woodworking, metalworking and automotive, safety is paramount. This means that space must be allotted carefully so that accidents can be avoided. Partitioning specific areas for specific training enables instructors to keep their students organized and under close supervision while practising with dangerous tools and equipment.

Welding curtains, wash bay curtains, acoustic curtains, and thermal curtains are a necessity for any situation where space is at a premium and mistakes cannot be allowed to happen. Let’s talk about some of the types of curtains that can be used to ensure that trades students in schools of all kinds are kept safe.

Heavy-Duty Welding Curtains Protect Students

Welding, cutting and brazing are hazardous activities posing serious risks to inexperienced students. Welding curtains make all the difference and ensuring your pupils have the correct welding curtain or screen is critical to their safety.

The student doing the welding is normally well-protected, but others close to the welding are also at risk from welder’s flash, sparks and debris in the air, dangerous welding fumes, sharp and piercing welding noises, and skin burns from hot welding torches.

The risks to surrounding students are further elevated when working within small or cramped workspaces. Welding curtains and welding screens offer a safe, easy-to-install, and effective solution for separating welding stations from other work areas.

Wash Bay Curtains for Automotive Training

Wash bay curtains are ideal if you want to limit flying debris like mud or gravel during the pressure washing or vehicle cleaning process. These industrial wash bay curtains are ideal for autobody classes where these tasks are frequently performed.

If your workspace is a within a school and is multi-use, it can be costly and impractical to construct solid wash bay walls within your building. If separation is required to prevent flying water, dust, dirt or other particles, you want something that keeps these hazards limited to one area, while also enabling instructors to utilize the space for different purposes in the future.

These wash bay curtains act as a partition which effectively creates a room within a room. Furthermore, car wash curtains help protect other areas from splashes, spills, grinding dust, and paint. The waterproof plastic and vinyl curtains contain everything within one space, while also allowing for supervision from the outside. These industrial wash bay curtains can be pushed out of the way fast when they are not needed, freeing up your space for other purposes.

Acoustic Sound Reduction and Thermal Insulated Curtains

Acoustic curtains are very effective for significantly reducing decibel levels in your classrooms. The structure and form of fabric will still allow some sound to escape; however, selecting quality curtains will go a long way towards dampening sound in your space. Whether you are trying to block out noise or contain it within your classroom, curtain systems can be tailored to your exact needs by the right seasoned experts. Sound reduction curtains come with features such as retractable curtain tracks, fiberglass-free, fire retardancy, and more.

When it comes to insulated curtains, it doesn’t matter if your goal is to trap heat in our block it out. There is a full range of customizable fabrics and different levels of thermal insulation to perfectly suit your circumstances. This is an investment for your school that can dramatically reduce your heating and cooling costs while maximizing efficiency. They also help to keep temperatures stable in the different areas of your teaching space. Industrial thermal insulated curtain systems and drapes can be tailored to your specific purposes with many different features.

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