Scrims and Muslins

Scrims and Muslins

What Is A Scrim In Theatre?

A scrim curtain is a common fabric used for theatres and churches and to create some stage magic. The scrim fabric’s unique properties make it appear opaque when lit correctly from the front. However, when the front lights are off and the objects behind the scrim are lit it suddenly becomes transparent.

Sharkstooth Scrim

Scrims both reflect and transmit light.  Sharkstooth Scrim us primarily used to achieve a “bleed through” effect.  When lit properly, it can appear opaque or transparent, which can be used to perform conceals or reveals. This can lead to a variety of interesting effects:

  • A scrim will appear entirely opaque if everything behind it is unlit and the scrim itself is grazed by light from the sides or from above
  • A scrim will appear transparent if a scene behind it is lit, but there is no light on the scrim
  • A dreamy or foggy look can be achieved by lighting a scene entirely behind a scrim

In general, anything that is lit will be seen on both sides of a scrim: scrims do not absorb light. A scrim can also help dull the image, creating a greater sense of depth. Sharkstooth Scrim also comes in black. 15′, 20′, 31′ and 35′ widths.

Leno Filled Scrim

Leno filled scrim is basically a Sharkstooth Scrim with the holes filled in. It can be used as a cyclorama and also to project dimensions and shapes on it.  However, due to the texture, leno is not ideal for video projection. Leno Scrim comes in white and grey. 20′ and 31′ widths.


Muslin is a plain woven cotton used for back drops, cycloramas, and scenery flats. They are widely used for painting scenes. Our muslin comes in both flame retardant and non-flame retardant.

  • Non-Flame Retardant: Color – Natural; Sizes – 9′, 10′, 12′, 16′ 5″, 20′, 26′, 33′ widths
  • Flame Retardant: Colors – Natural, White, Grey, Sky Blue, Black; Sizes – 118″ wide
  • Extra-Wide Flame Retardant: Not available in black; Sizes – 12′, 16′ 5″, 20′, 26′, 33′ widths
  • Black Sharkstooth

    Black Sharkstooth

  • White Sharkstooth Scrim

    White Sharkstooth

  • Leno Filled Scrim

    Leno Filled Scrim

  • Natural Muslin

    Natural Muslin