CW-1800 Gym Divider Curtain Winch

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CW-1800 Gym Divider Curtain Winch

The made-in-North-America replacement motor for gym dividers that’s a guaranteed upgrade. With oil-free direct drive – no belts or chains to loosen and wear out – the CW-1800 gym divider curtain winch weighs only 68.5 lbs, making it easy to install.

Maintenance is a breeze, with an electrophoretic (e-coated) steel frame, and all exposed elements plated to provide corrosion protection.

  • 110V, 60Hz
  • 1HP, 10Amp
  • 1800 in.lbs/204 Nm torque @ 10 rpm (600 lb. curtain)
  • Up 2-3/8” OD line shaft
  • Posilok® safety device – overspeed arrest system
  • Travel limit switches – accurate and adjustable for easy set-up and operation
  • Made in North America


  • Custom voltages and variable speeds
  • Custom mounting brackets
  • Pigtail and 4-prong power cords
  • Wireless transmitter/receiver
  • Single/multi-gang key switches
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